1. Nixon481

    Wanted  fj40 dash knobs- FAN PULL, DEF, WARM PULL (Portland Oregon)

    anyone have any extra knobs? I need the black knobs that are labelled FAN PULL, DEF, and WARM PULL. I do not need the switches, just the knobs for an A/C install I recently did. Thanks.
  2. FranceJohnson

    AC Not Engaging Warm Air

    I have read through several threads on here about different issues of AC problems. Didn't find one that answered my question. I have a 99 LX470 with 288k, the AC worked fine last summer, but is now just blowing warm air, front and rear. The AC switch lights up, and stays illuminated (does not...
  3. 10ga

    Engine miss till warm, sounds also comes through the radio

    I've looked and I can't find anything on this problem or maybe I searched the wrong words. So when I start my 1998 up, it tends to miss a little and when it does you can hear a cracking sounds in the radio. Also, it's not a constant miss, it kind of chucks. I'm sorry, don't really know how to...
  4. riffman12

    Low but smooth idle when warm

    Don't hate me I looked through tons of low idle threads! So my 154k mile 97 fzj80 starts up cold idles a little high and eventually drops down to the normal 600ish mark But after driving for a while like on the freeway, i come to a stop and the idle is more like 450-500. However, it doesn't...
  5. jvincig01

    Engine idling quickly only when warm

    I have about 300 miles on my freshly installed (but not rebuilt) engine. It's been running really well, however, I noticed just recently when i pull up to a stop sign it idles rapidly. It wasnt doing this the other day. If I tap the gas a little, it settles back down to a normal idle. Any...
  6. C

    Wanted  Fresh Pull and Warm Pull

    I need both heater control cables "fresh pull" and "warm pull" for a 1974 to 1979 FJ40 heater. Thanks!
  7. 1973Guppie

    Outside air on cold = warm

    Hi All, finally got my cruiser back on the road after a full interior workup. I will update my build thread later this week with pics and details. I have a question on the hvac controls. It seems that I was driving tonight and with the outside air setting coming in, and the slider on the...
  8. Markuson

    Finally! Pleasing, Warm LEDs for Interior

    So why LED? What's the big deal? For one: Power consumption. The stock bulbs are 8 watts each. That's 80 watts! -All 10 LEDs together? only 10 watts total at 1 watt each x10. That very reassuring when it comes to long nights of battery use when camping, etc. Second: Brighter, more useful...
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