1. TurdBrownFJ

    Rewiring, Help!

    Hi Y'all, Either due to a previous owner or industrious squirrel, my driver's side wiring harness is a rat's nest of shorts and crossed wires. Normally I'm not very impulsive but thanks to vodka tonics and a recently ex-girlfriend I did what any logical 1983 FJ60 owner would do. I took my...
  2. H

    Wanted 80 series VSV for EGR

    Looking for a VSV for EGR in good working order (pn 90910-12079)
  3. RyRoRyan

    EGR 401 error, VSV is new, but still not working

    I have a new to me LX450. Had a 401 when I got it. The PO just changed out the VSV thinking that might be the cause. With it being out and exposed now, it helped me diagnose a little bit. EGR works fine if I draw vacuum on it directly (engine stalls). I ohm the VSV and get ~36 which is...
  4. ozcrusier

    VSV shut down valve

    Hi guys chasing up the plug to suit my new 12ht shut down VSV valve would anyone have a lead on where to buy this type of plug.
  5. Nasr Qaisar

    12HT Engine won't start, VSV working as it should.

    Hey guys, My 89 62 has been running great but all of a sudden two days ago the engine cut out as I was driving home from work. Then when I tried to start it again it would start and then immediately cut out. Turns out the the shut down VSV was not working properly or so it seemed, as it was...
  6. A

    L-series VSV problem and a mystery vacuum valve?

    Hey guys. Working on my 5lt franken-engine. Trying to trouble shoot and put back together my vacuum system. Old engine had no EGR system and the new engine had it all deleted. It would help a bunch if I could ID all the parts and know for sure what the truck wants/needs in terms of vacuum...
  7. LX450inNash

    EGR is going to be the death of me...save me!

    In short, I have a fabulous 96 LX that is throwing the EGR code. It also doesn't help that I must go through emissions testing. Through the several searches I have achieved the following; HOWEVER the code remains.... -EGR tests out -Modulator tests out -VSV works -intake port is spotless -temp...
  8. 40thSagePearl

    Two different VSV Part numbers..is there two ?

    Went to my local Yota stealership to get some info and pricing for the Toyota VSV for my 96 LX450 however the Parts guy told me there are two ? is this true because ive only researched on this forum and have seen one. If there is two where does the second one go, im only familiar with the one...
  9. SkyMall

    Check Engine Light Came On - The Results (EGR)

    Hey Mudders, In preparation for a long road trip, including a stop at Overland Expo East, I took my truck over to a dealership here in town (Wolfchase Toyota) to get the check engine light diagnosed. It's a 1994, so no OBD II, and I couldn't find anywhere else to take it on fairly short notice...
  10. J

    I have no VSV. What does this mean?

    I have a 1991 3FE FJ80. It has no VSV connected, but everything seems to run okay and I still get about 14 MPG. It has been disconnected since I bought it. I'm sure it was disconnected for a good reason (?). What can I expect if I reattach this? What should I look for before I reattach this?
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