vacuum hose

  1. A

    Mystery vacuum hose and wire

    I just picked up my first Cruiser, a 91 FJ80. After doing a bit of engine bay cleaning, I noticed a couple of things. The first is some kind of connector on a wire that seems to be bolted straight to the passenger side of the 3F-E. The second is this vacuum hose which isn't connected on one...
  2. C

    Vacuum line diagram issues

    For the life of me I cannot find a diagram that shows me the whole thing clearly. It always seems to end and I can’t finish the lines on Diety Mike. The one is from the top of my EFI and the other is on the body by the windshield wipers. It’s a 6 cylinder fj62
  3. H

    Possible vacuum line question?

    Happy new year everyone. The other day I was replacing my antenna and found what appears to be a vacuum hose coming out from passenger side firewall going to nothing. Sorry for my ignorance but what is it? I have included a pic. Thanks everyone.
  4. NeverGiveUpYota

    Vacuum Line

    McCarr... that’s what I often remember for the brand most recommend. Almost all my 5mm hose have visible cracks where they attach to various ports. They are less then a year old. What gives? Brand? CT environment? I looked in the stickies and did but find any link to the recommended brand...
  5. mattcheston

    Toyota p/n for 5.5mm ID vacuum hose?

    Does anybody know the P/N for 5.5mm ID vacuum hose from Toyota, assuming this isn't NLA? I've bought a bunch of the 3.5mm ID in 1 meter lengths through P/N 90999-92004. You can also get 2/3 meter lengths with part 90999-92003.
  6. B

    where does this vacuum hose go?

    I'm putting my engine tiger after doing a head gasket. I have a leftover hose. In my teardown, I labeled it as FSM step #44-48 which is right around removing the cams. I called it "head vacuum hose". Now I can figure out where it came from. Does anybody recognize where it should go? From the...
  7. TroutFJ

    PCV Vacuum hose '87 60

    Hey folks, Some of you awesome people have already helped me a ton with getting Babe back on the road. As some of you read I got her home last weekend from the shop and definitely have some work to do including a mystery fuel leak coming from around the new pick up unit. But that's not why...
  8. cruiserhound

    Vacuum Hose Replacement

    In an attempt to bypass the research involved, I am hoping someone might know a quick link to the info I seek. I'd like to replace all of my vacuum hoses and I'd like to get the correct sizes and lengths needed to do this. I don't want to buy too much and I don't want to pay shipping twice if I...
  9. B

    FJ 62 distributor cap vacuum hose

    What's this hose for?
  10. Wes

    For Sale  SOLD - TX - Vacuum Pump Outlet Hose

    Part 90923-02079 in an unopened package. I bought this from another Mud member a few weeks ago hoping that it would fit my 2B. It didn't, and appears to just be too short. ToyoDIY shows it fits the 2H and 12HT. It was also previously advertised as working on a B, 3B, and 13BT, but I cannot...
  11. sitesbyjoe

    Quick vacuum line question

    I've been swapping out the ok original vacuum line for the cool new red silicone lines. Up until this point I've just been pushing them on by hand but now that I'm done the "easy" ones I'm wondering if anyone would suggest a particular tool to make sure I get the new ones on nice and tight...
  12. B

    Where does vacuum hose go to?

    I found this hose dangling on my FJ60 and cant figure out where it terminates. Thanks for helping!
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