tundra wheels

  1. LXColorado

    SOLD  Denver, CO: (5) Tundra TRD Pro Wheels, with 50-60% 285/65/18 KO2's

    Hey, Mud. I just installed 315/75/16 KM3's. I love the look of the TRD Pro wheels, but really need 16" wheels for the wheeling I am doing. For sale are the 5 wheels I've been using for about ~30,000 miles. One wheel has some trail damage from the PO, but purely cosmetic. All wheels/tires have...
  2. vmi01sbc02

    SOLD  (NoVA/DC/MD/WV area)Yet another set of Rock Warrior wheels/tires

    Hi guys, Selling my Rock Warriors. Need new tires and was going to get all seasons vs KO2s. The RW wheel “deserves” an aggressive tire, and I don’t want to “offend” the mud community, LOL! The wheels are good/very good condition. Only one wheel has a small rash other three are in good shape. I...
  3. perrobravo

    For Sale  San Diego Random Parts for Beer/Cash

    Doing a bit of spring cleaning and have a random collection of parts I'm hoping to find good homes for. I'd prefer not to ship (mostly out of laziness) so am hoping for a local San Diego sale/trade for qualified local beers*. Item 1: 80 series OEM bumper fog light grill inserts, $5 or beer...
  4. Joshman

    Center Caps for Tundra Wheels

    I have a 2000 Hundy. I have these tundra wheels and can't find the 18" Land Cruiser Center Caps that are supposed to fit over front hubs? If you have successfully found one please post pic and part number - greatly appreciate any help. (I currently smashed the dust caps in and reformed the...
  5. aznxfactor

    For Sale  TRD Pro Tundra wheels and Tires for sale- TX

    I have 4 TRD pro wheels and tires for sale. Less than 400 miles on them and they are the standard Michelin AT2 275/65/18. I think they are 8 ply. $1500 located in Austin TX. Willing to meet in Houston, Waco, and San Antonio as well to deliver. Any questions, please let me know.
  6. R

    Trade  WTT: 18in Tundra wheels for 16" LC wheels

    I would like to trade or sell my 18" Tundra wheels. I would like to trade for a set of clean 16" LC wheels or a set of 16" AT/MT tires in 285/75/16
  7. krice118

    200 Series and Tundra wheels on 100 series photo thread

    In my search for what my LC would look like with different Tundra wheels I think it would be nice if we had a thread where everyone who has tundra or different than LC stock rims could post up in one thread so we can all get an idea of what they look like. If yall post a pic please tell us...
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