transmission problem

  1. H

    01 Transmission Problem

    Guys, my transmission went out last night (or so the Toyota dealership is telling me) and I would love to get your input. I have had my 2001 LC for roughly 1.5 years and started baselining it when I got it (previously rebuilt a 1997 LC). It currently has 315k on the clock and I bought it...
  2. john thompson

    2007 LC won't move, need help!

    Haven't had time to search threads - sorry - I'm on vacation with wife and kids. Yesterday my wife shut engine off with transmission in reverse, then jammed it into park with engine off. Today, I did a hard acceleration into traffic and suddenly LC coasts to a stop with the sound of gears...
  3. Suhaib

    2000 Lx470 Transmission failure in under less than 115 K.

    The transmission on my vehicle failed yesterday. It is 2000 Lx470 and is in a very good condition. I have this vehicle for over 13 years. I just learned that this year model has some design and component issues which cause it to break prematurely. I need some help/advice in deciding how to go...
  4. pannymix

    Transmission problem or not?

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum, in fact this is my first post. I bought an 80 Series (1996 4.2TD auto) recently and I'm loving it. Sure is a big upgrade after running an Isuzu Bighorn 3.1TD and before that a Nissan Pathfinder 2.7TD. I went the 80 for the reliability and because I tow a caravan...
  5. D

    1996 lexus lx450 transmission starts in 3rd gear when in drive

    Hi i just recently purchased my first 96 lexus lx450, the transmission starts in 3rd gear when I put in drive but when you shift it manually it is fine. Check engine comes on for transmission solenoids, i had both solenoids replaced with new ones but it made no difference Thanks in advance
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