toyota 4runner

  1. Rattlehead13

    For Sale  North Carolina, Ballantyne

    Rhino rack pioneer platform (84” x 49”) 3quick mount legs with security keys Asking $1.100 Fits 5th gen 4runners
  2. O Ironman

    5th Gen 4Runner Foam Cell Pro Joy Ride

    Wagner is sent on a task to get an alignment on the Boss's 5th Gen 4Runner and maybe gets a little sidetracked. Get your Ironman 4x4 Foam Cell Pro Suspension Kit: Visit our site for more content and to join our community:
  3. O Ironman

    4th Gen 4Runner Nitro Gas Lift Kit - $599 with free shipping

    LINK: 4Runner Kit Product Specifications Estimated Lift: 2-3" Package Details: Kit Pressurized shock absorber boosts performance and adapts to a wide range of driving styles. NITROGEN GAS PRESSURIZED - Low pressure nitrogen gas dramatically reduces the likelihood of oil aeration and shock...
  4. L

    For Sale  Ring and pinion matching set

    Pulled from 98 4runner after 3 yrs. Little to no wear. Front / rear matching set. 250$ obo
  5. TeamOverland

    For Sale  2016 TRD PRO 4Runner

    Here’s your chance to own a really awesome 4Runner! Details: 2016 4Runner TRD PRO with 22,000 miles. Asking $58,000 obo Build list: Icon Stage 7 full suspension lift kit, Falken Wildpeak Mud Terrains 285/70R17, Pelfreybilt Aluminum front bumper with Warn ZEON Platinum 10s winch, shockworks...
  6. K

    Getting parts abroad for 2014 4Runner

    Hi all! I rear-ended a pickup truck with higher clearance than my 2014 4Runner in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia the other month. 4Runners are not sold in Africa and my garage doing the repairs cannot find replacement parts. Part of the problem is exorbitant import duties in Ethiopia. So one solution...
  7. OverlandDream

    For Sale  1990 Toyota 4Runner

    Hello ladies and gents. Unfortunately I am selling my 1990 4Runner. The life style I am starting isn't able to include it. Vehicle is in Northern Arizona. It has: 22RE engine and manual transmission Engine was rebuilt at 250,000 miles SAS using a FJ80 front axle and a hydraulic assisted...
  8. LCFJ80inLA

    For Sale  Toyota 4Runner stock rims SCV

    off '15 4runner w/ 5k miles Very good condition 2-3 1/2 inch small scratches, literally all I could find (pictured) everything else is grease $290 pick up in Valencia, CA 91355 Believe they can fit taco and 4Runner and land cruiser etc Pictured on a taco cuz they look good!
  9. C

    craigslist  2017 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro 4x4

    Not mine, not affiliated, 2017 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro 4x4 cement navigation leather $48,900
  10. ToyotaMatt

    For Sale  1985 Toyota 4Runner 5 Passenger Seat Belts Complete Set Front & Back W/ All Mounting Hardware Bolts

    - This is a 1 single / same vehicle matching set of 1985 Toyota 4Runner 5 Passenger Seat Belts sets Complete Set Front & Back W/ All Mounting Hardware Bolts - Toyota Interior Trim Code #1 Grey / 1/79- Later FJ40 Trim code #1 - The 1985 Grey Color Fabric Belt Webbing & All Grey Plastic...
  11. Hailey Walker

    For Sale  1985 Toyota 4Runner (22RE with factory SOLID AXLE)

    The truck is in Laurel, MS, but I drive to Tupelo, MS on some weekends. So anywhere around those areas would be an easy place for someone to come take a look and drive. $7000 (PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE) I'm selling my beautiful 4Runner. This thing is one of a kind. It has the FACTORY SOLID AXLE, a...
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