1. I

    Wanted  Need LC or better torsion bars for LX 470 conversion

    1999 LX470 I bought had the AHC disabled, rear springs and shocks replaced however didn't change the torsion bars. Had them mic'd and they are 26mm. Looking for some LC or after market torsion bars. Not looking to break the bank, need to be shipped to Cedar Rapids, IA or if close enough I...
  2. CruiserCoLittleRock

    Torsion Bars finally arrived, so if anyone wants to piggy back some ARB stuff.

    Let me know. I got Mark and Josh's torsion bars ready to ship out with a roof rack and a suspension system so if you want something from ARB let me know in this thread by tomorrow or miss out on saving big bucks on shipping and my discount
  3. fooldall1

    Torsion Bar Question - Rake or No Rake? If Rake- How Much and Why?

    Did some searching here, came up with a lot of opinions on leveling and rake but there's a lot of variance there on opinions. I plan on setting up my torsion bars to level the truck, but is this really advisable? I have read also that having a .5-1 inch rake (lower in front) is advised by...
  4. rotoyz

    For Sale  LX470 TORSION BAR - $50

    For sale: OEM Torsion bar from a 2000 LX470. $50 Prefer local sale or Buyer pays shipping.
  5. wdukes

    Ironman Torsion bar help....

    I got my new Profoam shocks, coils and torsion bars instructions. Even online info is not clear. Torsion Bars say LH and RH. I drive a US LHD 100 series. Is RH driver's side pr passenger for me? Springs say N/S and D/S. I was told D/S was printed for Australia, but nothing in...
  6. sdwtchlvr

    Wanted  LC Torsion Bars (SoCal)

    Looking for a set of LC torsion bars or comparable aftermarket set that will fit my 01 LX. Prefer SoCal for local pick up but willing to pay for shipping if price is right. Thanks
  7. DirtDawg

    Wanted  100 Series Torsion Bars

    Looking for a cheap set of used torsion bars. LMK what you have.
  8. Javelin

    Height gain after Alignment Question

    I just got my truck back from TJ performance in Orange. Had OME 865s / Torsions / diff drop / Slee Ucas / Fox 2.0s. Truck rides Amazing much better than stock. However their idea of level differs from mine. They had the torsions cranked so high there was 15mm of down travel. Before After...
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