temperature gauge

  1. SgtChase

    fj60 Temp gauge pegged on highe

    whenever i drive my 60 the temp gauge shoots straight past the red, it used to only do it when the car was warmed up but now all the time. ive read the other posts, ive cleaned the terminals, ive checked the thermostat sensor, checked for a bad ground and its none of those. i just replaced the...
  2. piecemeal

    Instrument Cluster Gauges not working.... help!!

    I have a 74fj40. The amp gauge works, as does the speedo, and the mileage counter. However, the oil press gauge, fuel gauge, engine temp gauge aren't working. I'm guessing a bad ground perhaps or maybe something got knocked loose back there since an old cable actuated winch was installed with...
  3. aviator12

    Temperature Gauge

    hi all Would b my first post here.. In my part of the world the temps really going high and it has started showing some effect on my LJ78 with a swapped 1KZ .. Its running the same RADIATOR that of 2L engine.. Just wana know if I need to change the Radiator as the engine has gone big?
  4. Output Shaft

    Temperature Gauge Calibration - How To

    TempGauge 101 Attached to this thread (temperature-calibration.pdf) is some information about testing and calibrating the stock FJ60/62 temperature gauge and sender. The method described is fairly well known and can be found elsewhere on the Internet if you search around. I'm not breaking any...
  5. Output Shaft

    Burping the Temperature Sender on a 2F after a Coolant Change

    I thought I'd share a discovery I made that was revealed by some testing. I've had suspicions about this for a long time. When the coolant is drained and replaced on a 2F, an air pocket gets created inside the sender's adapter fitting which prevents the sender from being fully immersed in the...
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