1. FJ60L83

    For Sale  Seattle WA - 8/86 FJ60 Parts - 2F w/ AFI TBI setup +++

    All items for sale are from a 8/86 FJ60. I'm not sure what to charge for most of this, so make offers... I would like to unload as many of these parts at one time as I can. I really don't have time to sell it piece by piece, so make me a offer, chances are I'll say yes. I also really need the...
  2. FJ60Cam

    Holley Sniper & Howell Fuel Injection Kits - MUD Discount

    Now offering a 'mud discount for the Howell Fuel F/2F Injection Kits. Use the code MUD50 at checkout for $50 off. Shipping is on us. Whether your carb needs a rebuild or you just want effortless cold starts and a more refined driving experience, fuel injection is one of the best improvements...
  3. LuketheDuke

    Howell TBI conversion on FJ40- Troubleshooting

    This last year, I did a TBI conversion on my FJ. The conversion that Howell does is from an early 90’s chevy. I have had a series of issues with the conversion and for the money I’ve put into it trying to get it to run properly, I could have dropped a 350 in. But I digress... I’ve ran the system...
  4. SteveH

    AFI TBI loose screw - caution!

    Check the screws in your TBI setup! I took apart my air cleaner and adapter yesterday, and a screw from my AFI TBI setup ominously fell on the ground. It had fully backed out and was lying next to the TBI setup, waiting (presumably) to fall into the intake throat and fry the engine. I...
  5. Rusty 72

    SOLD  AFI tbi adapter

    Looking for the AFI adapter to bolt a tbi to the stock intake.
  6. MiikeSnow

    2F TBI Megasquirt EFI

    To anyone that is interested out there, I wanted to post up some pictures and info about doing Megasquirt on a 2F. My cousin recently started building a 1974 FJ40 that had previously been converted to a carb'd V8. When he acquired the truck it had not been working for about 10 years. He had a...
  7. PadreCruiser

    Another SBC TBI Problem Thread

    First of all, let me apologize because I am not a mechanic and I have a lot of information to convey so I hope it makes sense. Problem: My car is a 1968 FJ40 with a Chevy 350 TBI swap. It starts and runs but it overheats and once it is warm (not overheated) it backfires through the intake...
  8. C

    For Sale  Howell TBI EFI Conversion Kit

    I have a Howell EFI conversion kit (part number K247T) complete minus fuel filter for sale. It is brand new and has never been installed. They go for $1400 on their website. I am offering my whole kit for $1100 shipped anywhere in the continental U.S. PM me if interested.
  9. tat2matt

    For Sale  TBI from affordable fuel injection

    I pulled the TBI from my 85 FJ60. It worked great till it didn't. I ordered a Carb from Jim C and in the time he was working on it I was able to send the ECM to have rebuilt. As all things would be I received the Carb from Jim a Carb from Troll and the ECM all back at the same time. I now run a...
  10. CruiserWeight

    TBI V8 Engine Swap Questions.

    Im doing a V8 + NV4500 swap on my 87 FJ60, I finally got the motor, trans, Tcase, and drivelines out. Im doing this swap with no prior experience so questions constantly come up that need answering. My questions right now are: (please excuse me if any of the questions sound dumb) 1.) Do I...
  11. White Stripe

    Possible new source for tbi speed sensors

    I know jags that run doesn't make a sensor anymore. Heres some possible alternatives... Rostra Vehicle Speed Sensors 250-4160 Rostra Vehicle Speed Sensors 250-4153 Brantz Japanese Gearbox Sensor Probe M22 x 1.5mm Thread Lugdrive | eBay Still looking for other options. Just happy my jtr sensor...
  12. NikP

    Wanted  JTR VSS for TBI

    JTR isn't making the speedometer driven VSS any more so I'm looking for one. Let know what you have.
  13. NikP

    VSS TBI Option? JTR not making what I need anymore.

    I installed a 92 Chevy TBI in my 75 FJ40. I placed an order for the JTR speedo driven VSS and after 10 days they say they are going to make them. They sell a reluctor ring version that bolts on the PTO shaft but it can't bolt on with the AA crossmember. I saw someone retrofitted a mount on...
  14. F

    Looking for an air cleaner solution for 2F TBI conversion.

    I am just finishing up a 4.3 TBI conversion on my 1976 FJ40. I purchased the kit from AFI and they do not supply an air filter assembly. I want to keep the stock air cleaner if possible which means I will need to come up with an adapter to fit the GM 5 1/8 inch opening up to our @ 3 1/4 air...
  15. thewadejack

    New Here! FJ60 5.7L TBI rig/ A/C ideas?

    How yall doin! I managed to finally buy my dream FJ60 this last Saturday. From a very happy previous owner excited to see someone of my generation looking and longing to learn what's necessary here. In my college days I wanted one of the older J10 pickups or Jeep Cherokee Chiefs from the 70s...
  16. AFL Fidalgo

    ecm/etcs/tps/magnetic clutch/vsc/traction codes/problems

    So finally saved up enough to buy a 2000 land cruiser with 220k.. the previous owner (1 owner) had a huge stack of all the records (timing belt/water pump done 20k ago) so I was thinking good to go decent one owner well maintained rig... not so far.. I had the local shop in town go over it after...
  17. Kyletb

    Chevy 350 Swap

    Hey guy I have an 84 fj60 and I'm looking to put a chevy 350 tbi in it this winter. If any of you guys have done this before and could create a parts list for me that would be great. I want to keep the price as low as possible. I don't know what I want for a transmission yet but I would like to...
  18. jesus888

    Chevy 350 TBI help - Won't start...

    Alright boys... need some help... who would you take your truck to (in Atlanta) or what else would you try if you had this problem Chevy 350 TBI out of a 92 Chevy 1500 pickup (was a crate motor) Driving last week, and it stalled and can't get it started... noticed coil wire disconnected from...
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