1. drowzyGX

    Proposed suspension upgrade. Please criticize!

    Hey Y'all, So far this forum has been an invaluable source of knowledge for this car. I've been planning out a suspension upgrade for my 2004 KDSS GX470. I've searched the forum and other sites pretty thoroughly, and have dramatically improved my understanding of suspension systems (still have...
  2. K

    2004 LX470 front right suspension stuck on low

    Turned right into a parking lot today and the front right suspension got stuck in the low position. Other 3 corners look to be in high mode. I parked and tried to lower/raise the suspension, but doesn’t move (light just blinks). The VSC is also stuck in the off position. Anyone have any ideas...
  3. D

    Softer Ride FZJ80 Daily Driver

    Hey Guys,I need your advice. I have a bone stock FZJ80 1997 AWD GCC Spics , I use it 100% of the time on road as a daily driver. The Stock ride is very very harsh ,I changed the shocks with Rancho RS9000XL Adjustable Shocks and it made the ride much better. I can not lower the tires PSI...
  4. N

    For Sale  ORI STX struts

    Selling a full set of ORI STX struts. 2-14" and 2-16". The 14" struts have been used for a season on my 2002 Tacoma but are in perfect working condition. No shaft scratches or dings. Very minor scratches on the bodies. The 16" struts are brand new. They were simply used to mock up a suspension...
  5. A

    For Sale  100 Series 3" Lift Kit From Cruiser Outfitter

    Hi, guys. I'm trying to sell my lift kit which I bought from cruiser outfitter 2 weeks ago. I'm selling because I change my mind and want to lift my old jeep instead. Never open the package and I will give you as cruiser outfitter shipped to me. I located in central Pennsylvania and can meet 3...
  6. aonis

    Back of FJ62 is not level [please help]

    Hey folks, I've my FJ62 for about a year, it has new tires and OME shocks. Its also be balanced and aligned. However, every time I look at it from the back I swear it's not level and today I put a level on it and it's certainly not level. Does anyone know what would contribute to this? Is it...

    99 LX470 Lift

    I recently bought a 99 LX. It came with original adjustable suspension system.. but since the system is not longer working. the truck seems to be a little bit lower in the front. I picked up a set of 185/75/16 All terrain BFG. and was wondering if anyone have experience with this situation. I do...
  8. Classic85

    Wanted  OME 2864 & 2850

    Anyone have these two sets of arb old man emu springs laying around. Location Chicago 60607.
  9. 4btfjz80CO93

    What suspension for BJ75?

    As one part of the rehab of my '87 Troopy, I'll be replacing the tired oem suspension. I don't want anything too complex. What have you used and what are the pros of the kit you used?
  10. SnipeTracks

    70 series suspension

    Hello everyone, I own a 1991 HZJ77. I’ve been trying to find aftermarket suspension and it has proven difficult. I wanted Old Man Emu but according to their website they only offer suspension as far back as ‘99 for the 70 series. Does any know of suspension made for the 77? Will suspension for...
  11. AlbertoSD

    SOLD  Slee Items 80-series (New)

    I have a couple of Slee Off Road items that I will not use on my build. These items are new and never installed. 1.- Slee Caster Plate Kit: - SOLD Slee - Toyota 80 Land Cruiser Suspension Spacers New list for $139. Asking $120 o.b.o. 2.- Slee Rear E-Locker Guard: - SOLD Slee - Toyota...
  12. C

    lx470 Suspension feels loose

    This forum has been extremely helpful, I learned everything I know about Landcruiser from here. so thank you to everybody who contributes to this forum!!! I have a unique situation, I currently have two 2001 LX470, yes two identical ones, one with 174,xxx miles and one with 170,xxx miles. The...
  13. J

    SOLD  BJ/FJ40/42 series OME Ultimate Suspension Kit

    Fits any Early to 1984 BJ/FJ40/41/42 Complete set of springs, shocks, bushings, greasable shackles and steering damper...all hardware included. Never installed OLD MAN EMU kit, with dakar springs sold to me by Kurt at Cruiser Outfitters. Cruiser Outfitters Below are the details...
  14. sorich

    For Sale  OEM Lexus LX470 Rear Springs

    Selling a set of LX470 Springs, purchased from Lexus 15 months ago, on my truck for just over one year (12,000 Miles). I purchased them for $300. Selling for $100 with local pickup only here in Colorado Springs, CO. I bought them last year when I was baselining the maintenance on my the new...
  15. 100landcruiser

    suspenion and lift

    i have a 2003 100, what are the best offroad shocks that dont break the bank? anyone know where to get a leveling kit?
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