SOLD  Smittybilt Defender Rack

    San Onofre by FJHAIRSPRAY posted Jun 15, 2018 at 2:25 PMGoing to be garaging my FJ62 for a while while I get her rust free around the windshield and roof and gutter and well you get it... So Im selling some stuff to fund the project. Up for sale is my 2 year old Smittybilt Defender Roof Rack...
  2. RFB

    For Sale  smittybilt x20 12000 synthetic

    built in 2017,installed a few months ago. used once to pull out a jeep(literally) 400. to MUD members not going lower sorry. location is mass. comes with cover(new in box) and a new WARN hook and aluminium hawse fairlead. and wired or wireless remote that works really well. 508-718-8253
  3. RFB

    For Sale  smittybilt x20 12K synthetic winch

    Ive got a smittybilt that Im selling its 3 months old has been installed and never used(cause its an FJ) but I scored a 12K warn so Im going to sell this one. 500 and its yours pick up is kinda best. 90ft synthetic rope wired or wireless remote works really well have all paperwork receipt etc...
  4. D

    SOLD  Smittybilt -5.65 CFM Portable Air Compressor - 2781

    I literally used this compressor 3x. Works perfect. Decided to go with on board air, so I don't need this anymore. Here's a link from Amazon on the specs of this compressor Smittybilt 2781 $80 + shipping cost to you. Let me know your zip code and i'll find out the shipping cost.
  5. RFB

    For Sale  New In Box SMITTYBILT XCR9500

    NEVER OPENED, UPPED MINE TO A 12K. This is brand new 2017 and comes with everything you would expect including synthetic rope. 350.00 you pay shipping or pick it up. 508 718 8253 richie
  6. stock

    Looking at a new winch!

    I'm almost set on this guy (Smittybilt 10k winch, waterproof) Smittybilt (97510) X2O Waterproof Winch - 10000 lb. Load Capacity: Smittybilt Products: Automotive For my 91 series 80. It's going on an ARB front brush guard. I have an 8274 on my 40 which I love, but was thinking of a...
  7. B

    Smittybilt XRC9500 + ARB Bumper

    Does anyone have this setup? I ordered the winch and the only way I see to install the control box is over the winch motor. I went to install it and the box is pretty much up against the front of the truck and I cannot plug the control switch plug into it because it is up against the truck. smh
  8. nickinportland

    For Sale  [OR] SmittyBilt Step Sides (Nerf Bars) $80

    SmittyBilt Step Sides (Nerf Bars) for an 80 Series $80 Comes with all the bolts Local Pick up in Portland, OR I would be interested in any accessory trade offers as well.
  9. CurtisnAlbright

    For your Albright DC Contactor/Relay/Solenoid Needs

    Hi everyone, One of your fine members told me check out this forum and I'm glad I did. Just an intro, my name is Erick and I work for Curtis Instruments in Mt. Kisco, NY. Curtis Instruments is the exclusive US supplier for Albright DC Contactors/Relays/Solenoids how ever you want to call it...
  10. W

    Smittybilt x2o review anyone

    Thinking of a 10k X2O not so much because of pricing but because of its submersibility, or claims of being submersible. Please refrain from knee jerk: get the Warn! I have Warn winches including a low budget one called the Tabor,and a HD 20k one. I am a fan. I have an old Ramsey that may have...
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