shock absorbers

  1. Bill F

    Brief Review: Dobinson’s Suspension (Stock Height)

    By way of background, I am less than a year into the world of Toyota 4x4s – but like many, have always admired the iconic look of Land Cruisers and British 4WD vehicles. So, when an opportunity came to pick up this 1994 Cruiser with 225K miles on it, in good shape and at a decent price, I...
  2. CruiseLanderAZ

    Bilstein 4600 install tips and first thoughts

    Contents: Background to upgrade/previous setup First thoughts Removal/Installation tips ----Background---- Just installed Bilstein 4600's on all 4 this weekend. Picked them up from 4 Wheel Parts in AZ for 279 out the door. First time doing shocks by myself - if I can do it anyone can! My Hundy...
  3. K

    options for LJ70 shock absorbers and motor belts

    Hi all, I've got a 1986 LJ70 LandCruiser with the 2.4 turbo diesel. With some effort I've learned how to look up part #s on and, and have learned that by googling Toyota parts numbers i can sometimes find alternative (cheaper, and maybe better...
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