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  1. reddingcruiser

    Rubithon 2020

    Start scheduling vacation time for the 32nd Annual Rubithon, which is set for August 19-23 2020
  2. XploreOffroad

    Rubicon Trail Recap : I underestimated it...

    Bunch of buddies and I decided that we where ready to do some real off roading and tackle the Rubicon Trail..... Welp, we definitely underestimated the trail and over estimated our abilities! Took us roughly 2 days to complete the entire trail (Loon Lake -> Lake Tahoe). Will be posting most...
  3. just differentials

    Jeepers Jamboree 2018 w/Nitro Gear & Axle

    We have the official BLOG up with lots of Photos & Videos to show! Worth a look - Click the Photo/Link Nitro Gear & Axle at Jeepers Jamboree 2018
  4. Devil's Slide Doug

    2018, 30'th Anniversary Rubithon, Thursday morning breakfast run

    Hello, This is the the official 2018 Rubithon Thursday Breakfast Morning thread. It would be nice to get to know each other a little better before joining up on the trail. This is a good place to ask questions, and get answers. This will be a traditional Loon entrance to the main Rubicon Trail...
  5. koleaselo

    Rubicon July 6-8 anyone? Loon to Tahoe.

    Hello guys, I know Rubithon just happened and everyone is still recovering from it, but for those who didn't get a chance to go (like me), is there any one or groups from this board already going on these dates or close to these dates? I know the schedule on Pirate4X4 has a group from Utah from...
  6. peterb

    July trip on the Rubicon, any locals want to run the trail/guide?

    Hello All Some friends and I are leaving on the 8th or 9th of July 2016 from Lexington, KY for the Rubicon. We are travelling on these dates as some in our party do not have flexible time off. We plan on starting the trail @ the 12th. We expect to have 3-4 trucks and 5-6 folks. If anyone is...
  7. reddingcruiser

    Fall Rubicon Trip

    It's been a long time since I did this, but I am planning a fall Rubicon Trip with my son. He couldn't go this summer because he's busy making sure we all have enough almonds to eat. I'm looking to put together an experienced NorCal/Nevada crew to run the trail October 3-4. Let me know if you...
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