1. Deathvalleypaul

    SOLD  100 series wheels AND/OR Tires

    SoCal Beautiful set of four 17 x7 wheels from a 2005 FJ 100. No rash, no offroad use. $200 for all four, sold as a set. _________ 3 great Bridgestone Dueler Tires like new, date of manufacture 1/20. Deep tread, no booboos, no /70-1<plugs or patches. AND One same size like new Goodyear Wrangler...
  2. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  SoCal - Set of 4 16" x 7" Toyota factory wheels - 4 Runner, Tacoma, FJ series, T 100 etc

    Good shape, no rash.$185 for All Four. Two have caps, two don't. AS pictured. No shipping. These are Toyota, Factory Aluminum Alloy wheels at a cheap, but firm price
  3. B

    Trade  Dallas/Fort Worth - 2018 Lexus GX 460 Black Rim - Swap

    Hey everyone, I'm doing a favor and helping my mom out, she bought a 2018 GX460 from Sewell a month ago and hates having the black rims because they "Show too much dirt". Anyone out there interested in some sort of a trade? The wheels are in great conditions just looking to swap some rims or...
  4. S

    For Sale  San Diego: 2010 4Runner Limited rims

  5. Beehanger

    Anyone in Seattle driving to Idaho soon and could drop off my 60 rims?

    Hi all, Just got a fj60 LC Last month, super stoked but didnt get the original rims. A mudder in the Seattle area is selling me his old ones for a bargain, but shipping em would be pricey. Anyone heading down to Idaho soon that wouldn't mine throwing em in their trunk? I could drive an hour for...
  6. 4runnerd

    SOLD  Escondido, CA: OEM LX450 wheels

    Hi guys, I have a set of OEM LX450 alloy wheels that were destined for a project truck that I sold a while back. I’ve always loved these, although that seems to put me in a minority ;) They’re in great shape; just some light scratches, and a few small oxidized spots. I’m in north San Diego...
  7. kpecks

    For Sale  St. Pete :: 5x OEM Tundra 18” offroad TRD wheels and Michelin 275/65-18 LIKE NEW - REDUCED

    Purchased these locally less than a week ago. Found a set of forged wheels I had to have. My loss your gain. Less than 1000 miles and come with factory Tundra sensors. I also picked up a brand new spare rim and a nice used matching tire. So you have a full set of 5 matching for $1800. I care not...
  8. Ironclad

    SOLD  FJ60/62 Factory Chrome Rims

    I am looking for a set (4 or 5) of FJ60/62 factory chrome rims, preferably in excellent condition. I am located in Richmond, VA. Anyone in VA, NC, or MD willing to sell a set? Thanks in advance.
  9. kpecks

    SOLD  4 x Toyota Tundra TRD 18” Wheels - NICE - St. Pete, FL

    Up for sale is a full set of 4 Tundra 18” TRD rims. Purchased from a local seller who took them off his truck to upgrade. Planned to install new tires but just found a set of 2020 tundra take offs with new tires. They are in great condition. One pic shows a minor scuff in one of the wheels. All...
  10. CCruisers


    I hope everyone had a great New Year and 2021 is starting off well. I've got a ton of factory chrome rims and custom rims with the correct backspacing for the 60 series I'm selling. Some are free and could be good dummy rims or spares -- the best condition sets I have are not over $400 for the...
  11. Baja73

    For Sale  Florida- Wagonwheel 15” Rims (Not OEM)

    I have five 15” rims with tires for sale that I removed from my 73 FJ40. The tires are 31 x 10.5 but are dry rotted and not safe for daily driving. The rims are in good shape with minor surface rust. These would be ideal as is for use while you are building your rig to roll it around or could...
  12. 4runnerd

    SOLD  Escondido, CA: OEM LX 450 wheels

    Hi guys, I have a set of OEM LX 450 alloy wheels that were destined for a project truck that I sold a while back. I’ve always loved these, although that seems to put me in a minority ;) They’re in great shape; just some light scratches, and a few small oxidized spots. I’m in north San Diego...
  13. O

    For Sale  Florida/Georgia Line 18” LX Rims with Tires $100

    Four nasty 18” chromes from 100 series LX with older but serviceable Michelin Latitude Tour HP tires in 275/60R/18. Wheels are good- no rash, bend or chips, just flaking chrome that makes you look like a baller on a budget or the guy who just scored a great deal and gives no -ucks at his rock...
  14. L

    Wanted  Wheels n tires for 100 Series Land Cruiser

    I am looking for some rims and tires for my new (to me) Land Cruiser 100. I am looking for a 5/150 bold pattern 18" rim....Or somewhere in that range. Could go bigger or smaller a little bit. As for rubber I am hoping 20 got with a 285 range. Overall I just want something that looks sharp...
  15. joelcook12

    For Sale  2001 Toyota land cruiser stock wheels set of 4

    4 factory wheels in good shape. I also have a rear bumper and 3rd row seats all stock 814 964 7142 text for pics. I am open to shipping options but your dime of course . I am 1.5 hours from buffalo 2.5 from cleveland 2 from pittsburgh
  16. Urb008

    SOLD  OEM 60 Series Wheels - So Cal

    4 - OEM FJ62 wheels with almost new Patagonia LT 235/75/R15 AT tires. Also have a 5th with old spare tire on it. $400 for all 5. Pick up only
  17. johnschell

    For Sale  Five 2004 100 series 18" Wheels with Bridgestone Dueller H/L 275/60R18 Tires

    Switched up my rims and tires a while back (including the spare) and have had these sitting in my garage for a minute. Looking to offload them to a good home. Tires are used, but still have a lot of life left in them. Rims are pretty spotless but do have some scuffs here and there. All four...
  18. S

    SOLD  Roswell, GA LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. (5) 16x8 black aluminum rims, 6x5.5/6x139.7, 4.25 backspacing. Tires are free with rims.

    Took these off my FJ40 Using 1” spacers. This is a local pickup only. Asking $375 OBO.
  19. Lenny33

    SOLD  18” Lexus Chrome Rims and Michelin Defender LTXs

    Selling a complete set of 18” chrome Lexus rims (should work for most Toyota’s that can use an 18” rim) with TPMS and lug nuts with mounted Michelin Defender LTX M/S tires. These tires have 9/32” tread depth left (new is 12/32) so they are still relatively new and work great in the snow! Tires...
  20. R

    Offroad Rims/Tires & Tail Lights

    Whats up guys, I'm new here and to off-roading. I just got my first 100 series (LX470) and I am in love and I'm trying to give it an overland build to start exploring the rocky mountains of CO has to offer. So I bought a 99 LX470 a couple of weeks ago and it was a one-owner vehicle from an elder...
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