1. G

    Combining FRONT REMOTE RESERVOIR COIL-OVERs with Dobinson IMS long travel rear

    Hey I’m new to the thread and new to GXOR. Bought a Dobinson IMS lift kit with a 2.5” rear lift and long travel coils that I haven’t yet installed. Can’t return it because of a restock fee, so I’m gonna sell the front shocks I’m considering putting King front remote reservoir shocks I think...
  2. '93 on the point

    '93 on the point

    A snowy trek to the point at Kimsey Reservoir
  3. DaveRemisiewicz

    1971 Master Cylinder alternatives

    I have a 71 FJ40. Is there an inexpensive master cylinder from another year or model? My truck was made in June. Pictures of other years look pretty similar. Will the later ones bolt up? I’m about to do a front disk swap to replace the drums.
  4. 2

    Wanted  WTB Headlight Washer Reservoir for FJ60

    Hello, I am looking for a headlight washer resevoir (I have a working pump). If you have one you can part with, please let me know. Thanks, John
  5. aaronrules

    AHC Resevoir Cap

    I have been searching here and everywhere else. The cap on my AHC reservoir is missing. Not sure how or when, but it's gone. Does anybody have a part number or a place I can get a replacement. I am hoping it is a universal type cap and I can just go buy a generic reservoir cap, but I am not sure...
  6. shmukster

    For Sale  86 FJ60 windshield washer reservoir in PA

    Selling a nice FJ60 windshield washer reservoir. Very clean, has had the pump replaced. pump works, no leaks either. Price $42. Best to email me
  7. T

    Wanted  60 series windshield washer pump (no reservoir needed)

    Please touch base with price. Thanks!
  8. 85FJ60SD

    Wanted  FJ40 Coolant Reservoir

    Looking for a coolant reservoir for my 1977 FJ40. Mine is cracked and leaking bad. Duck tape can't hold it.....hahahha Hope all is well, -Victor
  9. FARMAN33

    Wanted  Fj60 Headlight Washer Reservoir

    The one on the driver side fender. Name your price shipped to 77546. Thanks.
  10. R

    Wind shield reservoir (front)

    What are people doing when the front windshield reservoir crumbles (87 FJ60)? Thanks Rob
  11. zgarre

    Wanted  FJ60 Washer Reservoir, Headlights

    Mine is all cracked... Long shot, but hoping someone out there has a spare.
  12. DJCloz

    Reservoir Shocks, Need some input / feedback

    Did a quick search and nothing really came up. I am looking to upgrading to some reservoir Shocks and I am not sure what brand I should go with. I currently running the Old Man Emu 6000 shocks. I don't have any complaints, but I have the opportunity to sell these to a friend and upgrade...
  13. IrishCRZR

    Wanted  FJ60 or FJ62 windshield washer reservoir; bottle jack & spare tire tool

    Hi, I cracked my brittle washer reservoir removing it while getting to the antenna. Anyone have a spare in good enough shape to ship to 60613? Motor not required, just the white plastic tub with clean cap and funnel/filter. Also, truck did not come with any tools. Looking for a bottle jack and...
  14. L

    Wanted  1983 SR5 Restoration NEEDING TRIM parts!

    I may have posted before, but I need to try again. I'm trying to get my old truck back on the road, but I can't finish the interior without a few parts. I need the steering column cover for a tilt steering wheel, preferably in brown. A SR5 steering wheel in brown, the complete floor plate for...
  15. hamishpotter

    80 shock thread - familiar territory could use update

    Instead of continuing to hijack @yohavos fantastic LX450 Ute thread to discuss shock upgrades I'm posting a new thread on a well-worn topic. This is not new but much of the info I've read is from a few years back so maybe there is new data / products / feedback from the community.. I've got a...
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