rear brakes

  1. F

    1983 Rear brake job questions.

    Well I just spent a LONG time doing my first front axle job on my 1983 FJ60. I want to do a rear brake job as well. Not only is it long overdue on this truck, but when I bled the brake system for the front axle job the passenger side rear would not rotate with the e-brake off/on (not matter...
  2. E

    Help With Rear Brakes

    Well, I went to replace my rear brake pads and rotors last night. I've got problems with noise and I think some friction when not pushing the pedal. The noise is a cyclical sound that picks up after about 5mph. It sounds like "shick shick shick shick", and speeds up/down with the vehicle speed...
  3. F

    Question about rear brake pressure on 80

    The brakes on my 80 have always been lacking in stopping power and I wondered if maybe the proportioning valve was to blame. I am in the middle of replacing the rear axle seals on my 80 and also replacing the rear brake pads which requires the caliper cylinder to be pressed back in (i'm using a...
  4. webbz47

    Rear brake adjusters

    Seem to have a seized rear brake adjuster on the 70'. Might as well replace both sides. Anyone know where I can pick these up at a reasonable cost within N.America? RH 47061-60011 LH 47062-60011 The Toyota dealer want $71.60 per side :-( thanks.
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