1. A10Driver

    2016+ re-gear

    Has anybody re-geared a 2016+? I personally don't like how it hunts for gears and double down shifts trying to pass/ accelerate. I find myself shifting to sports mode and limiting it to 7th. Rpm is a little over 2000 at 80mph and truck is way more responsive. Understand in the six speed 4.88 has...
  2. Bluetribal

    Axle - Gears - Lockers GX470 Upgrade Thread

    Most info I have come across searching for rear axle upgrades, re-gearing, & lockers is located in build threads and it's difficult to piece it all together. So I would like to make this a comprehensive thread with all the info you could need in one location. In this thread I would like to...
  3. tampacruiser95

    Does re-gearing and a part-time kit make sense?

    I DD my 80, with about a 10 mile commute one way. I am about to move to PA, so snow and winter weather is likely. I have a rear Aussie locker and have been planning to put one in the front. But to do that I will need a part time kit also. I've been wanting to re-gear for a while too, 4.88 is...
  4. TLink FJ60

    Help determine my HJ61 gearing and advise on re-gear options

    I bought my 1989 HJ61 (12H-T/H55F) about a year ago thinking it would have 3.73 or 4.11 gearing. I get on trails occasionally, but mainly I'm driving to backcountry camping destinations. So I want highway cruising to be reasonable on fuel mileage and engine wear. I noticed right away it revs...
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