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    Front frame below radiator had more rust than I wanted to allow. Knocked it down with a wire brush and painted over it.
  2. sunrk

    Non-turbo vs turbo diesel fuel plumbing, primers, etc for Toyota's

    I've been looking into this a bit because I got an incorrect (ports too big) fuel primer head a while back and didn't realise until then there were two sizes of fuel line fitted to 80's for the Australian market. So I went looking in toyodiy at the p/n's and discovered that for mine (1992) the...
  3. 65swb45

    For Sale  FJ40/45 hand primer fuel pump, SoCal

    lo-mileage replacement unit pulled from a 1965 lwb45 doing a custom powertrain swap. If I didn't already have a spare NOS pump for my swb, I wouldn't be offering this. $150 shipped. Postal money order only. No PMs please. Mark
  4. woytovich

    Primer on Rubicon & Fordyce Creek Trails

    So a few of us from "out east" are in the early planning stages of a trip out to "out west" for Rubithon 2018 (or maybe 2019 even) and it has been suggested that we might want to run Fordyce Creek as well. I wanted to get a sense of how those trials work out on a practical level. We are used to...
  5. faded gxl

    1HD-T - Possible air leak from fuel primer ?

    The cruiser hasn't been starting up as quick as she used to, being a Di she used to fire as soon as i flicked the key, now it cranks for a couple seconds. I don't know whether it is an air leak or a dying starter, batteries are only a few months old and it had a rebuild 10k/km's ago, drives mint...
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