1. samj100atx

    Potential FJ60 Purchase looking for advise

    Hey guys looking to join the fj60 club soon, i dont spend enough on gas with my 2000 LC currently. Found one i like a couple of hours away from me in Houston, and i want to pull the trigger so bad. has about 210k miles, claims it was his teenage son's car for a couple of years and now is just...
  2. stevezero

    Potential midshipman mule this weekend gso-fayetteville/raleigh

    Offering to be a mudship mule this weeeknd. I've got to go to Fayetteville Saturday for a work project, and can do some light mudshipping. I'll be staying overnight, and heading back to GSO on Sunday. I can detour thru the triangle if needed.
  3. J

    Potential First 80 series. What do y'all think?

    hey guys, i've been in the market for an 80 series for a few months now and think i found the one. here it is: 1997 Toyota land cruiser i've talked to the owner quite a bit and he seems to know what he's talking about. he's got receipts for the head gasket job and was willing to come down...
  4. SmokingRocks

    Is the Mall Crawlers HG in danger?

    Edit----I'm an idiot who didn't even think about the Valve Cover gasket until after I posted. The VC gasket is most definitely toast. Sorry. Move along---- So I just finished replacing the O2 Sensors on my pretty stock 93 FZJ80 (230,000mi) and I did my typical under truck inspection. I...
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