1. S

    105 Series Fz-Fe Loss of Power/ Fuel

    G’day, I’ve got a 105 series auto petrol I’ve had for a few months now and I’m really enjoying it. It’s having a problem with it running out of fuel/power when using the main-tank only. It’s happens anywhere between there being 38L to 18L of fuel left in the tank. Its running well apart from...
  2. D


    Hey guys, I’m wanting to replace the old sub tank gauge in my 1995 1FZFE with a new modern gauge incorporated into my overhead console. My question is that does anyone here have a wiring diagram or any other info on what sub tank gauge wires Lead to where? cheers.
  3. J

    80 Series Petrol/LPG, bubbles in return line to tank

    Love my 80 Series. Recently it has been occasionally stalling when on petrol. Sometimes get the check engine light on petrol(possibly due to misfiring). Sometimes it clears by itself . Can start the car cold and drive a kilometer before it stalls at the top corner. Once warm it stutters a bit on...
  4. chapel gate

    For Sale  petrol sub tank parts

    oem 80s series petrol sub tank in excellent condition brand new straps overhead console and dash switch in excellent condition $850 including postage
  5. Bogger

    Blown head gasket petrol 4.5L

    Hey, I've just blown my head gasket at 260000kms on my petrol 80 series and was wondering what my options are within a small budget. My ideal option would be to drop a diesel into it, but I'm wondering which Diesel engine would be the cheapest to put in? Or should I just fix the head gasket? Or...
  6. Bogger

    Exhaust for 4.5L petrol

    Hey, What is the absolute best exhaust system for the petrol 80? In terms of; -loudest note -best performance Thanks
  7. Bogger

    Petrol 80 water crossing precautions

    What are people doing before hitting a deep water crossing in there petrol 80 series to make sure it's all still ticking over at the end? I've herd of just wd40 over anything electrical and putting a rubber kitchen glove over the dizzy with a cable tie while doing the crossing. Is that...
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