1. F

    Parting Out  72 FJ55 SBC, San Diego, CA, Must Be Gone By Sept 1

    Chevy 305 with 20,000 miles on it but needs carburetor, 3 speed transmission, front left clip and Fender cut out, all four doors and glass included, suspension lift and rebuilt axles.
  2. F

    Parting Out  71FJ55 SBC, San Diego, CA *Must Be Gone By Sept 1

    350 Chevy 4 Barrel small block, cut top and back, rear axle is from a 75 and has Detroit Locker, 33 inch tires on aluminum rims, 4 Speed transmission, has all four doors and ran last time I parked it. Carb leak gas and caught on fire last time I started it and that's where it sits (fire...
  3. FJ60 1983 Steering Column Cover (both shells) in Shadow Grey 45287-60090-03

    FJ60 1983 Steering Column Cover (both shells) in Shadow Grey 45287-60090-03

  4. VitaminC914

    AC O Ring Part Number help

    I found out that the O ring of the 2 tubes/manifolds that go into the AC compressor are leaking. I found the part at one of the vendors for $1.99 but they wanted $10 to ship it and they suggested I get it locally. Does anyone know the part number or size so I can get an exact match locally...
  5. B

    windshield wiper insert part number?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to get new wiper inserts and I'm trying to get the right parts. It looks like the left and right side are different and from the Toyota parts website they are 85214A and 85214B. However, I cannot find the rear wiper blade diagram or part number at all. It is also difficult...
  6. M

    Part Time Hubs

    I have a '99 LC that I would like to install part time front hubs on. Can it be done and if so does anyone have the correct ASIN part number? Also is there anything else that needs to be done when the hubs are installed. The wheel bearings have just been packed with new seals.
  7. MoodyCruiser

    Need help with part ID

    I found a leak yesterday on the old 2f Pretty sure it was engine oil. Looked like it was coming from this part or the hose in the back of it. With the engine running, I could see oil running through the top of it. I'm a bit of a rookie and looked through all the diagrams and forums I could...
  8. redfj

    oil pan part numbers

    So I'm confused by all the oil pan part numbers out there. I have a '71 with the original F motor. According to I need part number 12100-60060 which has been replaced with part 12101-61013. BUT, when I search the newer part number, it seems like that one is for later 2F...
  9. D

    Lx470 door trim part numbers

    Does anyone have a picture of the lx470 door trims (all 4) with the part numbers labeled? Thanks
  10. ElJayBird

    Can anyone tell me what this part is called?

    I need to find the little cover that goes behind the cruise control lever on the steering column. I've tried searching but I keep coming up empty. Anyone know what it's called? EDIT: It's for a '97 LX450
  11. A

    DEUTSCH Part vs Generic Part

    I have to order in the Deutsch DTM04-2P-P006 heres the part DTM04-2P-P006 TE Connectivity / DEUTSCH | Mouser Australia but i found a Generic Part on Alibaba Original Deutsch Connector DTM series 2way DTM04-2P, View DTM socket, Deutsch Product Details from Yueqing Deben Electric Co., Ltd...
  12. ROBLE


    Hello there, I am looking for the shock wire that turns the engine off, part number and dealer if is possible bj40 12v 1981, I got one from a fj40 but is smaller and then is stock all the time, so now I have to open my hood and move back the air admission manually in order to start the...
  13. P

    FJ62/HJ61 Chrome bumper part numbers needed

    Hi' I'm looking for new chrome bumpers for my 89 HJ61 restoration project, but Toyota codes seem to have many different styles and prices also. Car's original bumpers were sold many years ago with brackets and now I would like to know what are the part numbers for typical FJ62 bumpers like...
  14. thewall151

    FJ60 mud flap clip part number

    Looking for the part number for fj60 mud flap clips please? Thank you, Aaron
  15. Trollhole

    Trollhole's Annual Part Swap!! July 14-15

    Put it on your schedule. Should be a good time and if you can come for friday night that would be great. Please note Friday is an adult only party.
  16. JToobe

    *****Trollhole's Annual Part Swap!! July 14-15*****

    If you want to spend the night Friday night you're more than welcome. Have a pretty big air conditioned office you can sleep in. Plus the new unfinished body shop will be open by then as well to throw a tent or cot in. Plenty of places to throw a hammock up as well. Also there will be lots...
  17. ga12r1

    Switch Blank part number?

    Now that I've removed my AHC, I would like to remove my AHC controlller, but can't seem to find the part number for the replacement blank. Does anyone know?
  18. wpns4l

    front caliper brake hose part #s (FJ80)

    Hello, Im trying to find the part numbers for a 92 FJ80 front caliper hoses. I tried searching the forums and see people mention part number, 90947-02A16, but they are talking about the FZJ80. Is this the same hose for the earlier models or do i need different ones? Thanks in advance.
  19. terryfj40

    Fuel line part number??

    So I was trying to cure a permanent has smell from my cruiser (not to mention abysmal gas mileage) and I came across this cracked line heading to the fuel pump. Any one know a part number or where I can get a new one?
  20. FxFormat

    Can someone tell me what this part is called on the front bumper?

    Delivery truck backed into my LC and dented the front bumper and the white metal bracket that sits under the grill, i can't seem to find the part for it online, i saw a few toyota front bumper parts layout but they look nothing like the bracket that i need. Any help would be appreciated...
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