1. weakspleen

    Ozark National Forest

    Went on another trip today. After a couple of rides through the Ouachitas, we wanted to try the Ozarks. The main goal was Pilot Knob, just north of Hagarville. It's an old watchtower site that I saw on a youtube video that had what appeared to be a very open sky and it sits in an awesome dark...
  2. alia176

    Guadalupe Mountains National Park - Williams Ranch

    I'd like to run this trail this spring, don't have a date yet but figured an extended weekend trip. Just putting this out there! Williams Ranch - Guadalupe Mountains National Park (U.S. National Park Service)
  3. aloharover

    2017 Land Rover National Rally, 24-28 July, Leadville, CO

    2017 Land Rover National Rally, Leadville, CO 24-28 July, 2017 Mark your calendars every one, in July 2017 the Solihull Society will be returning to Leadville, CO for the annual Land Rover National Rally. We are still busy working on final details for evening venues and the final trail...
  4. landscrambler

    Gov attempting to sell 3.3m acres of national land

    Not trying to be political but I would imagine many of us who enjoy using BLM areas would be opposed to this. Republicans move to sell off 3.3m acres of national land, sparking rallies If this bothers you, please be vocal, call your elected leaders, and share.
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