Ozark National Forest


Nachos rule!!
Jul 16, 2015
Little Rock, AR
Went on another trip today. After a couple of rides through the Ouachitas, we wanted to try the Ozarks. The main goal was Pilot Knob, just north of Hagarville. It's an old watchtower site that I saw on a youtube video that had what appeared to be a very open sky and it sits in an awesome dark sky area on the light pollution maps. The sky view was amazing, saw the Milky Way, ISS, a handful of satellites and 2 shooting stars in the 1 1/2 hours we stayed after sunset. Was planning on taking some cool long exposure pics of the LC with bright stars in the background, but I messed that all up. At least the time lapse video turned out well. Anyway, cheers to another successful and very enjoyable ride through the woods.

Also, I bought a subscription to GAIA GPS. I have Motion X GPS, but don't like it very much. GAIA is easy to use (my 10 y/o was doing the navigating with it) and downloads are way simpler than Motion X.

About 1.5 hour timelapse on an iphone 7 and tripod.

Drawers are in my future.

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