1. B

    Upgrading LX470 Nakamichi stereo / screen dilemna - budget, costs?

    Bought my 2001 LX470 back in September (came from the world of 60 series) and pretty much love it. Have a long-term plan to do various upgrades / mods over time as budget allows (from bumpers to sliders, tires, etc). Want this to be my forever daily driver/overlanding rig and basically hold onto...

    For Sale  2000 LX470 nakamichi stereo 300 obo + shipping

    Like new condition, rather surprising actually, no scratches, fading or other issues. Tested the unit when I bought the truck 2 weeks ago and installed a new head unit along with the rest of the system last week, no longer have a need for this. Price negotiable and I'm more likely to take...
  3. akarilo

    1999 Nakamichi Stereo Upgrade, With Factory Amp (simplified)

    OK, so I know this has been documented several times as you can see from some of the photos I lifted from other threads. Everybody seems to think it's difficult to upgrade with this "22pin" molex plug, etc. It's just like any other stereo install. For starters, don't be freaked about cutting...
  4. S

    2000 lx470 Nakamichi stereo replacement wiring questions

    Stereo Wiring: Land Cruiser / LX 470 (1998-02) Does anyone have any idea what pin size could be used to solder on to the aftermarket source create an adapter harness? I dont want to chop off the factory one since id be soldering the wires anyway, id rather to that on the bench. Can i splice...
  5. pegasis0066

    For Sale  Nakamichi Radio/CD from 2000 LX470 - $450

    Has worked perfect since new. Face and buttons show some color fading. $450 and free shipping within US.
  6. Q

    Longevity of OEM LX 470 Nakamichi system

    Hey Folks, How reliable is OEM Nakamichi system and what's your mileage who still have their original system? I have gone thru two in 200K miles. Thanks
  7. M

    New to me 2000 LX470 (Pic heavy)

    I have always been wanting to get a hundy and I finally found the right one after selling my e36. Picked it up with 144k and alot of maintenance records. She had the 90k service done at 100k so TB/WP should be good for another 100k :). Its been in Texas its whole life so zero rust! The plan with...
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