1. B

    lx 470 water leaking into the ceiling

    What is the best way to unclog the water draining hole in the moon roof. The driver side hole is partially blocked, it drain but it does not drain fast enough for water to slide though the A pillar. I tried passing the gauge 12 wire, (I tried passing neutral in plastic coating and then bare...
  2. nothinbutnoodle

    Moonroof not opening

    Hi all - just brought home an ‘05 LC. Seller told me the moonroof motor was bad. He had unplugged it to prevent anyone from trying to open it accidentally. Of course, the first thing I did in my garage was plug it in and see what was what. Sure enough, the glass doesn’t budge (but it’s trying...
  3. P

    Dome light fuse

    The dome light fuse was blowing when I put it in. I recently found that the moonroof plug in the left kick panel had separated. I now find that the dome light fuse is fine as long as the moonroof plug is separated. Once I plug in the moonroof the dome fuse blows immediately. The blue/yellow...
  4. h20g

    SOLD  Arkansas - 1997 FZJ80 40th Anniversary Edition - $14,000

    We are selling our 1997 40th Anniversary Edition FZJ80, I have owned this rig for the past 4-5 years. In that time it has been driven occasionally, (mostly in town), for a total of about 15,000 miles. Current mileage on the odometer is just under 174,000. This is the same rig in my profile...
  5. ClayGrizzly

    2002 LC Moon Roof Broken - Affordable Part

    Morning group, first time poster, don't be too harsh! I have a '02 LC with a broken sliding roof (moon roof). Pressing the button to open just results in a single clicking sound, then nothing. I have replaced window regulators before, but never moon roof. On Toyota Parts, below, they're saying...
  6. Mrs4x4

    Sunroof/Moonroof Help???

    The sliding privacy cover is stuck. will not move forward or back manually. It will move when i open or close the sunroof. However, the privacy cover and the sunroof are offset about 3 inches and it will not let the sunroof close all the way. As soon as the privacy cover closes the sunroof...
  7. RHeimke

    Moonroof Noise

    Does anyone else have annoying wind generated noise when driving with the moon roof open? I had a 99 4runner back in the day that did the same thing that my 2004 Cruiser is doing now. Anyone have a fix?
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