1. J


    First post on this forum but you guys have helped me over the years with everything to replacing my gas tank to rebuilding the carb on my 1973 FJ40. Appreciate all the help. Asking for some more help... I am currently in the Navy stationed in Virginia Beach, VA. I just found out I am being...
  2. T

    BJ73 Registration in CA or VA

    good morning all! Im new to this form and had some questions for those of you who have imported BJ73's in to CA or VA. im active duty mil stationed in Spain and have a 89 BJ73 that im looking to bring back when i transfer back stateside. im wondering the process and the headaches you all went...
  3. TheDan


    So im deployed (aircraft mechanic). Today i saw a bunch of armored up left hand drive 200 series loaded on my jet... I wanted to take pictures so badly to post on this site... But thats a HUGE NO-NO in my line of work. These 200's were armored. They had bulletproof door panels, and a steel...
  4. Sweatyforehead

    HJ60 ON 50" TIRES

    Looking for info on this guy I saw a photo of a couple years back. Some sort of HJ60 running these huge tires (no idea on size). I've been planning to do a similar upgrade to my HJ60 and want to see if there is a thread for his build out there, thanks.
  5. 4WD Swagman

    Aussie Military Trailer

    This is an Australian military No. 5 1/2 ton trailer. Over here in Australia you see people making all types of modifications to these - adding RTTs, installing slide-out kitchens and such. Sadly mine is pretty standard. I was after a 4WD trailer which I could simply use to extend the cargo...
  6. stock

    16.5 rim or 16 rim What would choose and why?

    I've got stock 15in rims on my 1991 fj80. I have new 33x10.5x15 BFG AT on her, it was the tallest skinny tire I could find quick, I needed tires asap. Now I have time and want taller tires. I like tall skinny (tires and woman) and I see in the 16in and 16.5 area there are plenty. One thing that...
  7. VETTE60

    For Sale  Ca. Bantam off road trailer

    up for sale is my bantam military trailer. had it for several years and just don't bring that much stuff with me anymore. was previously sandblasted and painted black, though it could use a freshening up. tailgate is not stock, but made of diamond plate with toggle latches. wheel bearings could...
  8. KY Longhunter

    For Sale  M416 - 1/4 ton Military Trailer [KY]

    M416 - 1/4 ton Military Trailer for sale --- $1850 obo Good condition Pintle Hook, Folding Leg, Handbrake, Wiring Harness new Aluminum Data Plates located in Bowling Green, Kentucky call or text 270 Seven Nine One 5236
  9. Byoung7982

    Military MKT90 Mobile Kitchen Trailer

    Not mine. A lot of kitchen for 4k. Military MKT90 (Mobile Kitchen Trailer) Ready to Cook!
  10. JohnnyC

    Military Toyota Vehicles

    This is also in chat... but... thought it would be best here as well... as i know you guys would appriciate these soooooo.... post up what you got :)
  11. itbrokeagain

    For Sale  M101A-2

    Very solid trailer. Only very minimal surface rust. Led lights converted to 4 way plug. Tires new in summer and have less than 500 miles. $1200 obo. Cincinnati ohio
  12. Teddy

    Trade  m416 for m101a2 in SC

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