1. chickon1


    Finally installed this build today. I have been researching for a while weather or not to use a BMS or not. Trying to find something at a decent price and not at POS is a bit challenging that will hold the kind of amps I'm looking for (200). I bought these used off of ebay for $40 for 4 of...
  2. RFB

    270 amp alternator

    Hey fellas, I already used photomans bracket and shoehorned a 150 amp sequoia alternator under the hood, Well Im bumping up my batteries from 2 odyssey extremes total 170AH to one extreme and one battleborn lithium battery so in order to get max out of these batteries Im installing a 270Amp SBS...
  3. DPA200

    Lithium Jump Starter Recommendations

    Looking for recommendations for a good, reliable lithium jump starter for my 200. I'm doing a big trip this summer, with a lot of remote camping, and want to avoid getting stuck far from civilization. At least a couple times in the past I've come back to find one of my kids "accidentally" pushed...
  4. sammule

    Lithium Iron Phophate Batteries

    I went to my ham radio club meeting and they had a "Lunch and Learn" presentation regarding these new Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries for anything from hand held ham radios to off the grid solar powered houses. Very interesting. You might want to check out the web page. The contact...
  5. CarolinaFJ

    Goalzero Lithium

    For those with deep pockets Goal zero has released their new Lithium power stations. $700 for 40Ah battery, 17lbs: GOALZERO $2,000 for 132ah battery, 46.lbs: GOALZERO The 100w panel comes out this month also. $300. GOALZERO
  6. mstrsltr

    Lithium Batteries Stored In Vehicle?

    Sorry, tried to post this in both the General & Electronics Forums, but I "do not have sufficient privilages". Anyways... I want to keep lithium batteries in my vehicle for two reasons. One would be a portable charger pack, you know for phones, etc., in emergencies. The other scenario...
  7. 93Chewbacca

    Chewbacca's Birfield Grease Guide

    Chewbacca's Birfield Grease List (UPDATE 2018: Hello All, I have updated the list with current grease brands and links, please let me know if I have left any important choices out). Thanks! Okay... so there are some scattered posts on which greases are appropriate for the Birfield joints on...
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