1. sunrk

    Non-turbo vs turbo diesel fuel plumbing, primers, etc for Toyota's

    I've been looking into this a bit because I got an incorrect (ports too big) fuel primer head a while back and didn't realise until then there were two sizes of fuel line fitted to 80's for the Australian market. So I went looking in toyodiy at the p/n's and discovered that for mine (1992) the...
  2. sunrk

    Std rubber vs SS braided teflon front caliper flexible brake lines

    With regard to the front brake calipers specifically, do you folks thing factory standard rubber flexible brake lines or SS braided teflon flexible brake lines are better for regular driving with probaly 80 pct on-road and 20 pct or less off-road? I run std rubber flexible lines front and rear...
  3. SoCal FZJ80

    80 Series Custom Stainless Brake Lines

    When upgrading your FJ80, FZJ80, HDJ81 or Lexus LX450 with a suspension kit it is essential for safety that you increase the length of your stock brake lines with longer brake lines. These Custom Extended Brake lines come in 10 color options and in varying lengths from 0"-2", 3", 4", and 6" Over...
  4. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  AC - Heat Dash Control Modules for FJ80 and AC parts

    SoCal Available: 1991-1992 Dash Module 1993-1994 Dash Module 1995-1997 Dash Module Compressors, AC lines, etc. Please send PM for price quote. All are out of cars that were running with cool air and hot heat.
  5. Rebelle110

    Power Steering Lines Wrapped Around the Frame

    I am trying to replace my power steering gearbox. I'm guessing it's all original because the fluid lines WILL NOT come out of the top of the gearbox. Got a lot of recommendations to cut the lines, because really they need replacing anyway. Dove into that this weekend, and I realize the lines...
  6. Kris

    Fixing messed up heater core lines

    So about every vehicle I have ever worked on with a 22r/re/rte has had jacked up water lines behind the head - See the picture below of the brass lines - they always leak some and look like junk. Since I have the head off my 4runner, I would like to fix them. I had an idea about using something...
  7. Randy88FJ62

    Viar compressor, tank, and flared hard lines to all 4 corners/tires. Line OD?

    I recently did my own flared brake lines and since it was easy I was thinking of running hard lines from my viar tank to all 4 tires. The goal would be to air up all 4 tires at once with a pressure shutoff around 40 PSI. This would automate the air up time from 4 min a tire to 16 minutes and I...
  8. X

    For Sale  Hilux Extended Brake Line Kit from Marlincrawler

    Garage clean out time. Will not be needing these as truck was sold long ago. I believe these will work on any Toyota Pickup or 4Runner 1979-95, but firm up with Marlin Crawler if you don't know for sure, because I don't. These were manufactured by a military supplier, Crown Fabrications...
  9. X

    For Sale  80 Series OEM Extended Brake Lines

    Extended brake lines for 3-5 inch lift sourced from Cruiserdan. Decided to go with 2", so didn't need. Paid $144, yours for $110 shipped.
  10. JWhitley12

    Wanted  FJ62 Transmission Cooler lines

    I'm looking for the front two lines (soft lines) that connect to the radiator. They are discontinued by Toyota and my local shop can't make them so I'm stuck looking for a good used set. Anyone have any? Thanks
  11. ThePatient1

    Trans cooler lines severed! But no leaking...?!

    Truck is a '94 fzj-80 U.S spec. So I was doing a little inspecting around my truck and figuring out routing of hoses and such just to get more familiar with things...Take a look at the below photos: Both lines from the trans cooler look like they've been cut!? Return and sending line...
  12. bicycleagent003

    Replace Brake Soft Lines

    What do you guys think about replacing the soft brake lines as PM? They are 20 years old, seem to be holding fine, and have some superficial cracks. I am going to do some brake work and thought now would be the time if I'm going to do it. Thanks Russell
  13. Webster77

    HDJ81 extended brake lines

    Anyone know of a kit that replaces the stock brake lines with extended braided for st least a 3 inch lift?
  14. Tireguy87

    For Sale  [AR] Front 9mm soft lines

    Removed from ball and claw front axle. Nearly new. Great shape. $20 plus the ride.
  15. ccslider

    Extended brake lines - Fjz80

    I've been searching for extended brake line options and have found several threads about using T100 / tundra lines. The only issue is that I don't know if tundra is for the front or what. I don't really need to go the SS route and only need a few inches extended. Can someone chime in about...
  16. harrydunn

    Draining Coolant From Rear Heater Lines

    By-passed the rear heater in December right before a 2,000-mile road trip (glad I noticed the leak BEFORE the trip!). Easy job but I did not have time to look into draining the rear lines. How are most people draining them? Just pull a rubber hose section loose? Compressed air? I still get a...
  17. 1

    FJ40 Rear Heater Lines Restoration

    I'm restoring a 79 FJ40 and was wondering if anyone has found a way or product that can be used to restore (patch & recolor) the rubber insulation on the copper pipes that run from the firewall to the rear heater. I've seen a number of references to replacing them with rubber hoses but I'd like...
  18. IslandJ

    Blowing out the fuel lines question

    This weekend I hope to get time to drop my fuel take to clean it out. (hasn't ran in 13 years) I saw a few youtube videos of people using carb cleaner to clean out the fuel lines. Is that what the Mud community suggests on the FJ60's and where should I start? I was guessin at where the fuel...
  19. shanester

    Running Air Lines for front and rear lockers

    Hey guys - I'm tackling running air lines for my front and rear lockers today to save me some dough when the shop installs the lockers tomorrow. I have the air compressor installed in Slees dual battery tray which is on the passenger side of engine bay. Where should I route the lines and what...
  20. mdman

    FJ40 Brake Line Tech

    IH8MUDRs, I have a 1972 FJ40, and I want to replace the brake lines. Does anyone know metal was used for the oem lines? Also, has anyone had their original lines re-plated with zinc? Thanks
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