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  1. texuslexas

    I make Lexus LX470 videos

    They aren't that great, but I do love filming when I do vehicle related stuff, so if you want to see my stock 100 series do Fins and Things trail in Moab, please be my guest and watch my videos. If you got some constructive criticism as well, I am all ears. Thanks...
  2. C

    Wanted Very Clean 2006 or 2007 Lexus LX470

    Greetings Everyone, I have been searching high and low for a very clean 2006 or 2007 LX470 with around 100K miles or less. I’m specifically looking for the LX. I’ve been on what seems like every online used auto site and have continuously checked Autotempest to aggregate...
  3. RoadTripSteve

    Charlie Oats (Lexus lx470 Build)

    Hey guys! Meet Charlie Oats. Charlie is a 2000 Lexus lx470 with 234k miles. I picked up this truck a few weeks ago for a road trip across the US this summer. We're going to skate, surf, bike, fish and camp the whole way. So Charlie is going to need some outfitting. "Slowly, but surely"
  4. VVV

    SOLD Sold-2003 Lexus LX 470 $13500

    I’m selling my 2003 Lexus Lx470. A rust free South Florida car that was used as a third vehicle. 143900 miles I have done regular maintenance and replaced the suspension with Bilstein shocks, springs raising it 2 inches. The truck also has new reupholstered leather front seats, arm rest and...
  5. L

    LX_Plore Build

    Good afternoon everyone! I'm fairly new to the IH8mud forums. So early June of 2018, I pulled the trigger and purchased a moderately used 2002 Lexus LX470. The rig had approximately 177K miles, the Carfax checked good, and the AHC was disconnected and replaced with a stock height suspension...
  6. boomercruiser

    New cruiser in town

    Hey everyone! I've been a longtime lurker in this forum and have been wanting to get a Landcruiser for some time now. I used to have an '06 Tacoma that I really enjoyed before giving it to my brother and then bought an '11 Sequoia. I recently found an '06 Lexus LX470 that caught my eye and...
  7. JacksonOverland

    Wanted WTT FJ Cruiser for FZJ80 in WA STATE

    Looking for an FZJ80 here in WA state (or PNW in general). Currently have an 07 Fj Cruiser (total chaos long travel w/ icon shocks and coilovers) and I'm interested in doing a trade. For more details on the FJC, please visit the craigslist listing 2007 FJ CRUISER Long Travel (Fat Julie) Hoping...
  8. F

    Sand Dollar Pearl Owners

    Hey All, I recently scooped up a 2006 LX 470 and am loving it. Would love to get some inspiration from others who have modded their Sand Dollar Pearl LX’s. Looking at blacking out all chrome, then new wheels (leaning toward black Tundras) and tires, to start. Thanks!
  9. C

    For Sale 2005 Lexus Lx470 For Sale

    Sadly im going to sell my Lx470 as I need to get a newer vehicle for credit, etc. (younger and my banker said it would be good). I am going to get a newer Cruiser (13-14) to finance so im selling this one. Located in TX and in great shape. I purchased this from a Father son who had purchased it...
  10. 9

    For Sale 18" Tundra Alloy Wheels with tires

    no longer available
  11. Jody Meade

    For Sale 2002 LX470 140k miles- Fully serviced-Scranton PA

    Selling my 2002 Lexus LX470. I bought this truck with the intention of taking it on a trip through Mexico and Central America but never found the time to make it happen. I bought the truck off of an older gentleman almost two years ago now. I only put about 15k miles on it. The truck is...
  12. Jody Meade

    For Sale 2002 LX470 for sale, Needs Front Differential make offer

    Hi All, I need to sell my 2002 Lexus LX470. I bought this truck to go on an overlanding adventure through Mexico and Central America but time and life got in the way. The truck has 135k mikes and was a great truck but the front differential went on it and I don't want to put anything else into...
  13. LuisLX470

    1999 Lexus LX470 A/C is NOT WORKING!!!!

    Hi to you all! I have some problem with my A/C, but first let me upload two pictures to let you all know what the problem is. When I turn the A/C of my truck on with the option where the air blow from outside to inside the cabin there is not a problem until the car run fast but when I push the...
  14. T

    For Sale 2005 Lx470 Running Boards U.S./Texas

    2005 Lx470 Running Boards, Sand Dollar Pearl. Lights work fine. No use in my shed. Previous owner (from brand new - present) never took this rig off-road; used to haul is grandkids around then put in the garage. Seen for $400-$500 on Ebay but I feel that's really high, maybe not. $250 plus...
  15. LuisLX470

    Thanks for the advices!

    Thanks for the persons who gave me some advises about what tires are the best for my LX470, it looks great with the 285/75R16, I already purchase the wheel spacers and waiting to make the installation this comíng week..... Hope you like the pics! :)
  16. LuisLX470

    Buying new tires next week!

    Hello everyone! I have a 99 lexus lx470 with stock suspention and wheels, truck has 275/70R16 tires but I want to replace the tires but keep same factory wheels. I have in mind to set new 305/70R16 to make the truck looks muscle bit everybody say the larger tires i can set on the truck...
  17. LuisLX470

    Front and rear bumpers

    Hi! I am here looking for some help, I have a 1999 Lexus LX470 and want to replace the front and back bumper, but the vendors on ebay say the lexus lx470 and LC 100 series parts are not similars. Is that true? Because I see both trucks same bosy and structure and probably if I purchase the...
  18. S

    For Sale 2000 LX470 134k Clean Title

    2000 Lexus LX470 134k miles original miles Timing belt done at 100k Smog completed yesterday Center locking diff ATRAC Leather New tires Clean title Super clean, No problems.. $17,500 Location: Hesperia CA 92344 (SoCal) Contact: Ken (562)881-1687 (text)
  19. pjmhd02

    For Sale 1998 Lexus lx470

    1998 Lexus lx470
  20. M

    eBay 2000 Lexus LX470

    2000 Lexus LX | eBay An MBA program is more expensive than I anticipated -- gotta free up some funds! Mechanically sound. Dealer serviced its whole life. For a NE truck, very minimal rust (surface rust on some of the weld seams). New tires, radiator, alternator, ac condenser, thermostat...
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