1. P

    1995 HZJ77 wagon build - Japan sourced

    This build is about my recently (November 2018) purchased HZJ77 70 Series Wagon and the modifications I'm working on. I bought it nearly sight unseen (other than 4-5 photos) off of Yahoo Auctions here in Japan (I'm currently located in Nagoya) for 1,100,000yen (about $9500) and had it shipped...
  2. sunrk

    What should be checked on an import 1hdt or 1hdft from Japan ?

    Import 1hdt and 1hdft motors are very common here in Australia to update from 1hz's. They come from Japan after the vehicles there are deemed unroadworthy after some specified time period or number of km's due to emissions rules. Current prices are about A$8k for an import 1hdt and A$11k for an...
  3. Navyator

    Any concerns with lifting a 91 JDM?

    Hey all, I'm looking at getting a lift at some point for the cruiser. Nothing crazy, just a normal lift to get a bit more clearance, replace old springs/shocks, and hopefully improve ride quality a bit. I've found plenty of threads to read about all the various options out there, but i feel...
  4. jatree

    HDJ81 Owners

    How is it holding up? It's 2018 now so I expect to start seeing 1993 models rolling into the states. For those of you who imported from Japan, Canada, or elsewhere - have you run into any big issues with repairs or finding parts? Most of the threads from owners a couple years ago seemed to...
  5. J

    Anyone Imported to Guam Before?

    Full disclaimer: New to the forum and will be new to the Land Cruiser life if I can pull this off. I apologize if this question has been asked before but I didn't find anything in my research so I'm hoping I can still get some information. It looks as if I might be moving to Guam next spring...
  6. cruzerDave

    What would you bring back from Japan for your 100 series?

    I've got a trip at the end of summer and am bringing empty bags to bring home full of cool stuff ;) What would you bring back for your 100 series? (looking for ideas as I am still learning this truck) Bonus points for links to threads or websites with model numbers...
  7. jatree

    Is there an import to USA thread with costs?

    If not, any interest in one? I see 1990-92 diesel cruisers for sale in the $15-20k range here in the US or in Canada and have always wondered what it would take to get one over here from Japan directly. My limited initial research indicates that these might be overpriced but I want to make sure...
  8. C

    For Sale FJ 56 Fire Truck in Australia - Japan import

    Saw this today, imagine it is pretty rare. A shame it is in Australia. J-FJ56F-Q Fire Truck imported from Japan pickles.com.au/trucks/item/-/details/C1979--Toyota--Landcruiser-J-FJ56F-Q--4-x-4--Fire-Truck--3-Seats/402284087 I see SOR have one similar but does anyone know of any other 40/50...
  9. S

    For Sale 2F Engine Gasket Set OEM Made In Japan

    For sale a complete engine gasket set for a 2F engine. The box has been opened but the contents are new and are also complete. I am told this is a top quality set. $60 plus shipping worldwide. South East Texas
  10. G

    Help Wanted Alaska, HI, Japan and Korea job postings

    Our company is looking for electronics technicians to live and work in these regions. Military veterans with electronics maintenance experience preferred. If interested please PM me for details and don't hesitate to apply!!! Search Jobs | BAE Systems | United States
  11. Francesco

    Looking for a Mud member in Japan

    I found a set of panels for my BJ42LX in Japan, unfortunately the seller does not ship abroad so I'm looking for a MUD member in Japan that can receive the panels and send them here in Italy. An helping hand is much appreciated.
  12. OkiGoose

    1989 60 series in Japan

    Pretty cool diesel 60 series here in Japan for sale. Factory diff lockers, winch, super sweet switch panel... all for around $14,000 USD. Found another one next to it, no lockers, lifted, 35s, no winch but clean interior. Cost $12k USD. If nothing else, thought y'all would like to see.
  13. Aids10

    Car From Japan- Grand Giveaway 2017

    :steer: How about a FREE CAR! :poop:-HOT
  14. 1

    For Sale 1988 Toyota Hilux Surf Import $15,500

    I have decided to sell my 1988 Toyota Hilux surf 2.4L Diesel which was imported from Japan. (Right hand drive & Manual). 87,000 miles on her (140,000 KM) and all work has been performed by ACC Toyota in Atlanta. Manual transmission. Title in hand and vehicle is registered here in Atlanta...
  15. Navyator

    Factory Service Manual - Japanese Cruiser

    Hey all, I took a spin through a bunch of threads about the Factory Service Manual and the best options for downloading it. I also did a little google research and found two different sites; one is for vehicles made in North America (the one from all the threads) and another is a European...
  16. W

    Toyota Tools

    formerly "Refurbishing an Early Tool Roll" Toyota Land Cruiser Tool Kits Large Tool Roll - 23mm (58-6308) Large Tool Roll - 21mm (6308-65) Large Tool Roll - 21mm (66-6903) Medium Tool Roll - Canvas (6903-7103) Medium Tool Roll - Vinyl (7104-7203) Zipper Bag -TEQ Yellow (7204-7901)...
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