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  1. Tareq

    Ironman 4x4 Foam Cell Pro

    Hello! Reason to replace AHC: Flushing AHC with new fluids before the trip helped improve the ride a bit but still rough. In Jasper, Alberta, the system started acting up and would raise the front to EXTRA H and back at N. I had to take the fuse out many time to reset it, but it ends up in...
  2. S

    Ironman Foam Cell Pro lift kit installed - with pictures

    Really happy so far with the Ironman Foam Cell Pro lift kit! Can't wait to take it offroad! Ride quality is very close to stock, I upgraded from KYB. Side: Front: Back: Torsion bar: Front: Rear: @orangefj45 thanks for your advice!
  3. R

    For Sale FJ80 Ironman front winch bumper $500

    In very good condition taken off, with very little use! FJ Cruiser Toyota IRONMAN Winch Bar
  4. D

    For Sale 1999 Gray Expedition Built 100 Series

    I have decided to upgrade to a 200 series and am placing my 99 expedition built 100 series up for sale. It has been built for expedition use, of which I am not doing any at the time, funny how it works. If I get a few items wrong, be kind. I will answer any questions you may have. I was in...
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