1. thomasedwa

    Changing IAC O-Ring and adjusting the TPS Sensor without a multimeter

    Had a light rough idle on my 1993 80 series took it to a mechanic and he narrowed it down to the IAC, specifically the O-Ring. He recommended that I fix the issue myself by ordering the part. He also recommended me to change the TPS sensor on my car because the one that came with it was not OEM...
  2. thomasedwa

    O-Ring size in IAC in 93 Land Cruiser

    Cruiser was having a rough idle. Confirmed with the mechanic that the o-ring was bad in the IAC. What size o-ring do I need to fix the IAC?
  3. gummycarbs

    Cool Tool for IAC Removal

    I came across the Vessel (Bessel) Impacta 980 series of screwdrivers on Amazon. They work like regular screwdrivers normally, but act as impact drivers when hit with a hammer. Here's a terrible photo of the 150mm P2 making contact with the lower IAC screw, without removing anything. The...
  4. IoN6

    93/94 IAC Resistance

    In troubleshooting high CO, I looked at the IAC and it tested out of scope between S1 and S3 (41Ω) so I ordered a new one from Amazon. Spendy little part! Anyway, new one just arrived (without an o-ring :mad:) and figured I would test it too... Well it is showing 39Ω between S1 and S3 which is...
  5. Lionheart509

    Having trouble locating a used IAC valve for my 91 FJ80 4L

    Post pretty much says it all, I am in eastern washington and have scoured for over a week to find a used IAC for my LC. Current one has gone poop and housing became cracked from removing it. Dealershop quoted 700$ and then called back and said they couldnt find it. THIS PART HAS BEEN...
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