high mileage

  1. H

    300k on my 100 series—is it safe to tow?

    Hey all, I’ve read through many threads here but would love advice on my specific situation from the brain trust here. I’ll be doing the Utah BDR in a couple weeks in my rig, along with two friends on KTM bikes. It’s a 12 hour drive from San Diego to the starting point in Mexican Hat and then...
  2. TheMischus

    First Time Owner - 2000 LC 359k Miles

    I've always loved Land Cruisers and had been set on getting a FJ60/62 sometime next year. I ran across a local 100 series listed for $3.9k and originally had plans to flip it. After driving it for a few days I decided to take a gamble and make a 2000 LC with 358k miles my daily. This may be one...
  3. D

    Rotating misfires with 5 constant

    99 Landcruiser 100 Series 4.7 335,000 on original motor. I just had a terrible weekend mixed into an awesome one. My son graduating college headed to Med school with full scholarship. We drove the LC from Colorado to Utah where he'll be going to U of U med school. 2 hours from our...
  4. Josh Kleitsch

    New Owner - 2001 LC

    Hey all, I just purchased a 2001 LC with 209,900 on the clock, and am very excited to join the ranks of UJZ100 lovers across the globe. My previous car was a Mustang (2013, V6 Manual, Pony Package) and while I loved that car I drove it so little that it made sense to move on to something I...
  5. thehumaneraser

    Good choice for overland build?

    I'm looking at a 93 land cruiser that I might buy tomorrow if it is a good buildout platform. Also need it though to take friends around town and stuff so it will double up. It is a 1993 with front and rear lockers, rebuilt front axle, 4 inch suspension lift, upgraded wheels and tires...
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