h55f rebuild

  1. M

    For Sale H55F 5 Speed Transmission W/ Transfer Case

    Rebuilt Transmission/Split Tranfer Case, like brand new with new internals and nuts and bolts. $4800 obo Alberta, Canada
  2. HemiAlex

    H55F Swap Checklist: Post 85

    I'm getting ready to do this swap with my friend @FARMAN33 I've got a new H55F and rebuild split case from Georg. That will make most of this a direct swap into my 87. We will not be using anything from the old set up aside from the t case linkage. Here are the odds and ends that I've got...
  3. I

    h55f rebuild diagram

    does any one know where to find one of these. I searched the site but I did not find one
  4. rover67

    H55F Disassembly with home made SST

    I thought I'd post up. Some of the pictures are not great since I had to use a phone camera, but hopefully it gets the idea across... As far as the steps to take this thing apart, I'd recommend the FSM. I could detail it all, but if you are going to be taking an H55f apart you should have an...
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