h55f rebuild diagram

Nov 29, 2012
does any one know where to find one of these. I searched the site but I did not find one
Mar 31, 2014
The procedures how to disassemble it, check it, and put it back together are in the factory manual (FSM).

This drawing gives the lay of the land. Kinda helps you visualize what's in there.

The manual makes it look pretty easy., but it's not and there are special tools you will need to fabricate in order to take it apart. And even if you have the worlds best pullers, it can still be an extremely difficult project.

I would only disassemble one with the mindset that it will probably get trashed in the process of attempting to rebuild it unless you have experience rebuilding manual transmissions.

So my advice would be, put away $2500 in the piggy bank (for the inevitable) then go at it knowing that in all likelihood Mr. Piggy will be spilling his guts out to Toyota in no time.
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