1. ZombieResponseUnit

    For Sale  1982 2F w/ 4sp and transfer

    I am starting a build/enigine swap on a ‘82 FJ60. It has a strong running 2F. The transmission shifts weird from 2nd :1st, more on this if you call. But I’ll throw in everything that is hooked to the motor, fan to transfer case. It brings me pain to let it go, I believe the 2F is the greatest...
  2. dcruiser666

    SOLD  H41 4 Speed (3B compatible) PRICE DROP - $200

    I just swapped in a new H55F into my 89 BJ70 with 3B motor. The H41 that was in it is still in good working condition, was rebuilt by PO ~30K kms ago (which I have papers for) and gave me no problems the couple of years I spent driving with it. It's my opinion that this probably isn't worth...
  3. G

    problem with transmission toyota land cruiser hj45

    Hello,i have a problem with my pickup toyota land cruiser 1979,the transmission make a noise,like a hit of gears,but it only happens with 3rd o 4th drive,we change all ball bearing and the noise still there,if someone knows about this problem,i would be very gratefull, the gears are fine, none...
  4. BiffS

    Trade  3B H55 nose cone/ bearing retainer for gasser H55 nose cone/ bearing retainer

    Howdy. In order to complete my swap, I need a gas version of the H55 input nose cone with the stubby sleeve and wide diameter flange ( around 1.5" OD). I've got a 3B version with the two oiling ports that i can trade. Straight across ( good deal for you as these are virtually impossible to...
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