gas mileage

  1. S

    Getting Bad Milage

    hi I have a 79 fj40 with the 2f engine. I am getting horrible mileage. What can I tune up or replace to improve?
  2. Btron

    98 Land Cruiser 100 Doesn't want to start but eventually does, whats wrong?

    Sometimes it's after 3 turns, sometimes it's after 40 and about 10 minutes and eventually, the LC 100 will start. After it's a bit warmed up, while running errands, it will start again no problem. This problem was very sporadic since I bought the truck with about 190,000 miles, and now it...
  3. E

    High output ignition,,,for better gas mileage?

    I have an 1989 FJ62 that I just love...except that it does not get very good gas mileage. I traditionally put MSD ignitions on my vehicles right after I get them. Usually resulting in better performance and much better gas mileage. But with my cruiser I have shied away from modifying from stock...
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