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  1. Frkens

    FJ62, master power window switch removal

    Simple question... How do I get it off without destroying it? I looked everywhere for similar questions asked. Couldn't find any, so guess I'm an idiot. I'm afraid of just pulling it out even though I assume it's snapped on to the door. The FSM doesn't say anything about the master power window...
  2. Lil'John

    Help needed with identification of "later" model front door regulators

    I have a few later model front door regulators(ie non-wing window version) I need help identifying if they are driver or passenger side so I can help some folks looking for later style. So with the following picture, is the lightly dirty regulator at the top a driver or passenger side?
  3. ga12r1

    Ivory front door opening trim no longer available?

    I've got some wind noise coming from the upper rear corner of my 2000 lx470 front drivers side door so i ordered replacement weather stripping from The front door opening trim ( 62312-60081-A0 )I received was bluish gray and not ivory. Lexuspartsnow is telling me that the ivory...
  4. curtislow

    Wanted  early front door stikers

    Looking for a pair of strikers for front doors,early style.fj40.Late 60's to 73 or 74 The part I'm looking for mounts on the door itself not the b- pillar.Thanks Kevin
  5. curtislow

    Front door parts

    Does anyone know who sells the striker for the front door that mounts to the door itself, for the earlier style doors? I found the striker that mounts to the b pillar but can't find the part that goes on the door. I've looked at all the vendors I'm usually able to find parts from and also...
  6. curtislow

    early front door latches

    Been searching for hours for a picture or answer to my question on door strikers for some earlier front half doors I bought. They didn't come with any hardware and I thought I had gathered all the parts to put them together when it warms up.I bought strikers for the b pillars and the paddle...
  7. curtislow

    Half front door project

    I'm in the process of finishing off a set of half doors from an early fj40 that I purchased on e-bay. They seem to have been cut for bestop upper halfs to be mounted when finished. They have a strip of steel welded on top (very nicely I might add) much better job than I could have done. Does...
  8. curtislow

    Wanted  early fj40 front door strikers

    Looking for 2 good front door strikers for the early doors.Pre 74 I think. Shipped to Ma. Thanks, Kevin
  9. ibis1969

    Early FJ60 Hub Caps / Front Door Jamb grommet

    Looking for IH8MUD collective knowledge on the following: I've attached a photo of two early FJ60 OEM rear hubcaps. I believe starting in 1985 Toyota used black caps on the rear with 'Toyota' on them. These are still available from Toyota. However, the early style rear caps are nearly...
  10. Tennessee80

    Wanted  Drivers side front door handle

    As the title says, I need a driver's side front door handle. I don't need the whole assembly, just the handle has cracked beyond belief... Post up or PM me if you have this part. cheers! Joel
  11. Mrsmann

    Wanted  FJ62 driver door

    I have an 88 fj62 that im restoring and im in need of a front driver side door. the color doesnt matter and i dont regulators. just the shell but if there is one with the glass available that would be great. Any assistence or information would be greatly appreciated.
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