1. SgtChase

    Fj60 FlyWheel grinding on the block

    I have a 1984 fj60 with a 2FE conversion with H55f. I replaced the clutch and flywheel a while back ago and when i removed the old flywheel it had groves worn in on the engine side of it that the new one didnt have. And where you press in the rear main seal the metal on the block is flat, shiney...
  2. garrett goodwin

    Clutch flywheel bolts

    Looking for the size of bolt for the clutch flywheel on an 82 fj60. Thanks!
  3. T

    1fz-fe manual flywheel options

    I have this fascination with a manual 1fz in my cruiser. While browsing the Internet, I stumbled across this offering from Fidanza. It's states it's compatible with the 1fz-fe in a 97 landcruiser. Were there some changes made between 96-97 that I'm not aware of? Would this be a viable option...
  4. P

    Wanted Flywheel cover, rear bumper, etc.

    Located in Wilmington, NC. Looking for parts for an 85 FJ60. -Flywheel cover -4wd emblem -rear wiper motor -center console -rear bumper Thanks
  5. redleg76

    Thoughts on a cracked flywheel 2F

    doing an engine swap and pulled the clutch to find this. Thoughts?
  6. CurtB

    Flywheel timing mark is missing?

    I can't find the little mark on the flywheel. There is a part of the flywheel that looks like it has about a 1-inch cutout, but I can't see the mark. Have rocked the engine around a revolution and still can't see it. For right now, I advanced the timing until i can just barely force a ping...
  7. crobow

    For Sale 70-74 3-Speed FJ40 Clutch kit, fork, bearing, flywheel

    70 - 74 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 -- Clutch Items • Cutch kit has < 20 miles on it • Flywheel since resurfacing < 20 miles on it • Clutch fork • Bearing hub with clips Short story is previous owner of my '77 FJ at some point installed a 3-speed in it. Clutch went out and I tried to replace what...
  8. montypr

    Shim between flywheel and Crankshaft 1997 LX450

    1997 LX 450: is there a shim that goes between the flywheel and the crankshaft? The engine was rebuilt and a new starter was installed but the vehicle sounds harsh as it starts up. I replaced the starter but sounds the same. A friend told me that there is a shim that goes between the flywheel...
  9. WildernessRimFab

    Heat Cracks in Flywheel

    Stock 72 FJ40 with 1F and 3 spd trans +tcase. I'm in the middle of a clutch/rear main/oil pan gasket job. Below is the picture of my flywheel after getting it resurfaced. There are small heat cracks all over it which didn't fully machine out. You cant feel the cracks with a fingernail. Any...
  10. Casey E

    For Sale Flywheel Cover

    I think this came off a 2F bellhousing. $45 plus shipping.
  11. FJ6T

    For Sale FJ60 Parts - 2f flywheel radiator choke cable

    for sale from 10/1985 fj60: 2f flywheel - 100$ Radiator, great shape no leaks - 100$ choke cable and switch - 50$ located in 97223
  12. FJ60BigLou

    Crank nut, starter bump, flywheel

    finally figured out how to hot wire the starter so it spins and the pinion pushes out! Going to try and loosen the crank nut on my 85 60 so I can put in a new front main seal. It's been a battle and I hope this does the trick! Quick question for the mud-gods: anyone ever do the starter bump and...
  13. C

    Wanted Flywheel Cover - 04/1976 2F with 4spd

    I have a 04/1976 2F with 4spd that is missing the covers under the flywheel. It should be a two piece setup with a sort of flat cover up against flywheel and a rounded pan-like cover underneath the flywheel. Should be part numbers 11363-60010 and 11361-60060 If anyone has either of these parts...
  14. MisipLC

    Align Flywheel and Torque Converter LX450

    Well I have searched the vast expanse of the forum and internet, only to come away still confounded. i am trying to mate the engine and transmission, ensuring the flywheel bolt holes and torque converter bolt holes align. My son and I can't seem to crack this particular nut. 1. Is there a...
  15. rrv333

    76 40 Flywheel Tooth Count and Diff Ratio

    I have a 76 40 and I ordered a FSM but it hasn't arrived yet. My question is what is the flywheel tooth count and what is the diff ratio? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. I used the search feature and couldn't find an answer to my questions. I must be search feature...
  16. webbz47

    Noise after starter install

    I just removed the starter from my BJ70 (Ugghhh) after troubleshooting a clicking noise. Both solenoid contacts were replaced, the battery side contact which was totally eroded just happens to be used on Dodge Cummins trucks, so easily obtained. Once installed the starter turned over the engine...
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