1. scoobiedubes

    SOLD  Two recent FJ25 Mecum auctions

    Just some Saturday morning 25 fun, noticed Mecum had a couple of 25s this past year cross the block. Not the best restoration, but still nice. I think I’d much rather have had this second one as-is...
  2. Kourosh

    FJ 25, FJ35, FJ45 LV, FJ45V Fender Turn Signal

    Hi all, I recently bought this rare turn signal. The seller had only one piece and he didn't want to sell it. I had to pay a large amount just to convince him to sell it and hope I get another piece in the future. I was thinking now that I have the original piece, should I talk to a...
  3. 1L2A2280.JPG


    Original FJ25 series No.1400 fully restored. 1 of the original 12 Sir Leslie Thiess imported into Australia in Late 1950's. Some images of this car have appeared on this forum. A full walk around and history of this vehicle will be released soon and video footage of it driving. I'll share a link...
  4. scoobiedubes

    1961 FJ25 FHT “The Warden”

    Got this 25 FHT picked up and back to the valley today, this thing is pretty darn cool. It’s missing some parts certainly but has some good character. Missing the original carb, bifold, some switches and stuff but mostly there. Floors are solid, main rust is in the glove box actually. This was...
  5. scoobiedubes

    FJ25 & Very early FJ40 Front Bumper “group buy” - Gauging Interest

    I finally found an FJ25 front bumper for my FJ28 build, but prior to finding one I had been discussing fabricating one with a few different places. I believe there is some demand from others doing builds to have some made so I wanted to gauge interest to see how many could use one. It sounds...
  6. scoobiedubes

    Wanted  FJ25 (and early FJ40?) Differential parts

    I'm looking for this little gear that goes behind the carrier bearings. I'm not sure what they're called exactly, but we need two of them for the FJ28 restoration. EDIT: @pardion looked this up in the 1958 manual and they're called a "Nut, differential adjusting. PN RS 41312". Looks like this...
  7. scoobiedubes

    Builds  1960 FJ28L - Project Lara

    Alright some of you already know I'm the poor sap that bought this FJ28L at Barrett this afternoon. By the way that price is after all of Barrett's commissions plus I had to pay state and local sales tax :( Next time I'll fly in a family member out of town to "do my bidding"...
  8. TeamJB

    For Sale  NOS FJ25 Intake Manifold

    Hello friends NOS intake manifold part no. Fj25 17111-1. Manifold has been repainted to avoid rust/corrosion as it was stored since pretty long time. 300$ shipped.
  9. CruiserNut75

    Australia. Brand new FJ25 FJ28 bonnet badge $300 au.

    I have made an excact copy off my FJ25 bonnet badge. These are brand new to the highest quality. Payment via paypal or bank transfer. I'm new to using Ih8mud so please be patient. Thanks Paul
  10. Kourosh

    HELP with my new FJ25.

    Hi all, I came across a 1958 FJ25 two weeks ago I decided to buy the car. I have been been searching a lot to on the internet to know more about the car and the looks of it, until I came across this forum. The previous owner has added some things on the car which makes the car look like newer...
  11. MexicanNewby

    FJ25 Soft Top frame and canvas

    So I met another Cruiserhead down here in Mexico, not many of us... He's elder and not tech savvy so posting here for him. He's almost finished with his 1960 25 build, impeccable I may add, and he's looking for the following parts: - OEM Starter - OEM or replica soft top frame (bows) and canvas...
  12. mudterrain75

    SOLD  Shift knob set

    Sold out
  13. mudterrain75

    SOLD  double post

    sold out already
  14. BTUMAN

    FJ25 Jack Rod Mount Clips

    Has anyone created the Jack Rod Mounting clips yet to sell? or have any to sell? Like the ones pictured below (great color btw- good job) I can see where FJCompany has some type of new ones- but not sure where they are getting them. Can anyone offer any help? I need a full set for the fj25...
  15. seth

    Early FJ40 Rearview Mirrors

    Hello there all you Cruiser nerds! I have 2 1965 (1964 manufacture) FJ40s, and they have 2 different styles of rearview mirrors. I'm well aware that during the manufacturing process Toyota would often use an earlier part until it was used up before applying a newer year-model version of the...
  16. BTUMAN

    Wanted  58-63 Early Rear View Mirror

    Found- no longer needed. Thanks Hunting the early rear view mirror. if you have some parts to sell, let me know. Please and thank you.
  17. sigorama

    Parting Out  1963 FJ40, Colorado Land Cruiser

    I am parting out a 1963 FJ40. It was originally red. Please PM me for pricing. Has a 1969 motor, transmission, and t-case. The motor was in the process of being rebuilt. Everything else is from 1963. Have most everything except the following, which has been spoken for: See photos here Parts...
  18. Pretty sure this is a fj25 can anybody tell me?

    Pretty sure this is a fj25 can anybody tell me?

  19. FARMAN33

    eBay  1959 Fj25

    1959 Toyota Land Cruiser Original w/Covers | eBay Looks good (aside from home brew roll bar and sunroof). Was initially asking $8K on Facebook. Now, I believe he is getting a sense of what he has... Did these come with 4 spds?
  20. FARMAN33

    eBay  1959 fj25

    Looks good. Was initially asking $8K on Facebook. Now, I believe he is getting a sense of what he has... 1959 Toyota Land Cruiser Original w/Covers Did these come with 4 spds?
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