1. kindoflikerambo

    Wanted  Fairey Overdrive PTO Gear wanted. Give me some love mud!

    Hey all you Mudder folks out there! (Could've had some fun word play there but I'll keep it classy) Share the love and sell me your Fairey Overdrive PTO gear that your broken down Fairey isn't utilizing pretty please! If you know any member who might have one, be a gent send them my way. Mark...
  2. kindoflikerambo

    Dumb easy question: Can't find info

    Hey guys, I have a stamped 1966 fj40 (probably a '64 judging by the serrated top) and I converted from 3 on the tree to an fj40 h42 but kept my 3 speed original T-case. Two questions: -Can I use my original PTO gear with that setup and run a PTO or do I need a 4 speed PTO gear in my transfer...
  3. J

    For Sale  *SOLD* Fairey OD *SOLD*

    For sale Fairey overdrive out of my 1977 FJ40. Two pieces are damaged (see picture) but overdrive worked fine prior to being removed from vehicle.
  4. Coolcam

    Fairy overdrive delete

    Alright I know this has been posted countless times but I swear I have searched through every post from this site and others and not founderstand my answer. I have a stock 1980 fj40 4 speed with the fairy (fairey) overdrive. My o/d crapped out. All I want to do is remove the od and get her back...
  5. Coolcam

    Lost all gears and od cracked

    Okay so here's the situation: I was driving my old trusty when I started to feel some slight hesitation like something was pulling me back a little bit like my e brake was engaged bit it didn't last long and I parked. I get back in it several hours later and try to put it in reverse and she...
  6. J

    Fairey Overdrive Rebuild?

    Hi! I had to remove my Fairey OD from my '73 FJ40 as it was in bad shape internally. Does anyone know of where I could send it off to have it rebuilt? Thanks in advance for any help!!! Joe
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