1. Roger Martiinez

    Seat Fabric and Vinyl: How many yards of material needed?

    Long time listener, first-time caller. Does anyone have a good idea of how much seat fabric and vinyl is needed to reupholster both front seats, the rear bench seat, and possibly the side door panels? Does 10% extra coverage make good sense for complete coverage? First, I know what you are...
  2. onetruth1130

    Wanted  2nd row seat for my LX450. fabric is ok too

    anyone selling a second row seat? im in NEW JERSEY so the closer the easier.. please let me know! thanks! oh fabric is prefered. 1996 LX450
  3. R

    For Sale  FJ 62 original rear bench seat fabric - gray-good condition

    I am re-upholstering all of my FJ 62 seats in new leather. The factory fabric is not available anymore. SOR gets a premium for it. Asking $125.
  4. mechanist

    Wanted  Third row tan/sable fabric seats

    Need third row fabric seats from 93/94 with sable/tan/brown interior.
  5. L

    Wanted  [FJ60] Confer or ARB style roof rack, rear grey carpet, and bucket seat fabric

    Getting back into working on the rig. Also need a drivers side seat-belt.
  6. T

    60 Series Seat Fabric opinions - CCOT vs CruiserCorps

    Looking into fabric interior kits for my 1988 FJ62 - I see CCOT and Cruiser Corps both offer grey fabric interior kits. Anyone have experience with either one? Not expecting OEM, but if one of these two is a little tougher that would be a deciding factor for me. They appear extremely similar...
  7. red66toy

    Cleaning original seat fabric

    Hi everyone, I am refurbishing the rear bench seat in my FJ62 and the seat fabric needs a good good cleaning. It smells musty from the cruiser sitting for a long time at one point in its life. I disassembled the seat to paint the frame and springs, and while the fabric is off I would like to...
  8. DoubleNickels

    For Sale  Aisin locking hub assembly (1), FJ62 center console, and FJ60 passenger seat fabric (bottom)

    Cleaning out the garage. Let me know if you're looking for any of the above and I'll give you more detail. Sorry to not post pics - at work right now but I can post more later. Thanks! EDIT: Pics posted below. A few things to note: 1) The hub assembly does not include the cast steel body...
  9. cwwfj60

    Wanted  fj60 tan seat fabric

    I'm looking for the tan seat fabric for 86 fj60, not 87+. It don't need the seat, cushion or frame, simply a decent cover upper or lower that I can cut apart to patch my driver's seat. If you have one that's torn up but has a piece big enough to run the length of the small driver's left side...
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