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  1. Esq4x4

    2006 gx470 with damaged 2uz-fe: will a 2006 Sequoia 2uz-fe fit?

    I have a bad 2uz-fe in my 2006 gx470. Timing belt snapped and bent some valves & punched a hole into the top of 1 of the pistons-If I find the pics I’ll upload them later. Question: Will a 2006 2uz-fe from a 4x4 Toyota Sequoia fit into my 2006 gx470. I’ll be pulling the engine out of the...
  2. ryanthomp

    2UZ-FE Supercharger for 07 Seqouia

    I have a 2007 Toyota Sequoia Limited with the stock 2UZ-FE engine. I have read that in either the 06 or 07 models Toyota began to add VVT-i to the 2UZ-FE and in doing research I saw that the old TRD Supercharger doesn't work with the VVT-i engine. I am looking to put a supercharger on my engine...
  3. M

    HELP!!! 2006 LC - To sell, or not to sell

    Hello all, It looks like I've purchased a lemon from a crappy dealership. Quick backstory: I was giving my car to a sibling, so I was told to buy a LC/LX470 for my next vehicle. I was living in Denver at the time and potentially had to move to GA for army stuff, so they're basically the...
  4. 2001LC

    What are the differences between 2UZ-fe VVti engines, & where can I get one??

    I'm in need of a engine and looking for ideas.:hmm: Some questions I have are: What all makes, models and years did Toyota/Lexus install the 2UZ-fe VVti in? Are the 2UZ-fe VVti engine the same in the 06-07 Land Cruiser/LX470? Are 4runner, GX, Tundra, Sequoia etc. different then ours? What are...
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