egr valve

  1. W

    Wanted FJ60 EGR VALVE

    Striving here to return all my smog gear to proper function on my bone stock '87 FJ60. Needing a working EGR Valve, please... Thanks!
  2. cruiserhound

    EGR valve replacement or De-Smog?

    I'm still getting to know my cruiser and I'm starting to realize that certain parts might not be available for my 3FE. EGR valve replacement is a scheduled maintenance item and I'm fairly certain my EGR valve hasn't been changed for 243k miles. If she was running great I wouldn't bother with it...
  3. MtnCruiserFZJ80

    Removing the EGR valve

    Hi all, 1994 fzj80 with 238k on the clock. I have been battling the dreaded code 71 on and off over the last few months. I finally got around to removing and replacing the EGR valve, but dang it's tough to get off. I have the 32mm union bolt off, as well as the three bolts/nuts holding it to...
  4. cruiserhound

    EGR Valve

    Does anyone know where I can find an EGR Valve Assembly for a 1991 3FE? It seems it has been discontinued from Toyota. I also tried rockauto and they are out of stock. I'd like a decent quality part.
  5. ariff

    Talk to me about the EGR valve

    So I have been hard at work trying to fix my cruiser I was gifted that had been sitting for a few years. Mice have gotten to some wires and vacuum lines. And the PO did not have many lines connected properly or not at all. I have pretty much gotten everything fixed\replaced and I noticed the EGR...
  6. Output Shaft

    EGR Cooler Blowing Chunks

    and not just chunks, but small stones: Hard, abrasive, iron oxide rocks. I thought I'd share something new I just learned about the lowly EGR cooler. The cast iron EGR coolers can internally rust to the point that they'll eventually cough out disturbingly sized chunks of rust "stones" that...
  7. 40thSagePearl

    EGR CEL light.. new EGR valve and Modulator installed ?..

    I just bought this 1996 LX450 about a month ago and received receipts with the truck stating it had the EGR valve , modulator, and hoses replaced less than a year ago. I recently received a check engine light and my mechanic told me its throwing a EGR code.. Told me to just drive it and see if...
  8. W

    EGR Vacuum Tube Routing

    I've got a P0401 on my 1995. Had someone look at it and they suggested replacing the entire system essentially...the EGR valve, VSV, temp sensor. I checked it out today and noticed that there are a couple of open lines that have nothing connected to them. Upon comparing to other pictures, I...
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