1. U

    eBay Set of 4 LX470 Wheels and Tires 18" (Bonus Spare Also)

    $550 OBO Located in Gurnee, IL 60031. I'll also include the spare 16" rim for my IH8Mud friends. These are in good shape for the age and were taken off because I got a set of Tundra TRD Pro Wheels. LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. Unless you know of a REALLY EASY and CHEAP method for sending them. SET OF 4...
  2. CalsCruisers

    For Sale eBay auction original 79 Toyota Land Cruiser Diesel

    very original 79 diesel Land Cruiser being auctioned on eBay with No Reserve $15000 starting bid really dig the color combo on this one Aren’t split rims illegal? 1979 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ40 | eBay
  3. R

    Wanted First time LC-buyer looking for an FZJ80 (and advice)

    Hey all, I've officially caught the bug and am in the market for my first FZJ80. I've set my budget at 15k for a very well-maintained Cruiser with ≤200k miles. My search these days mostly involves prowling local craigslist listings, eBay, and the ih8mud classifieds, and I'm still getting a feel...
  4. sigorama

    For Sale 1977 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 "Wicked Patina"

    SOLD! TEST DRIVE VIDEO SPECS VIN #: FJ40246129 Clear Colorado Title Located in Monument, Colorado Mileage unknown; previous owner stated in the 70-80k range, but cannot verify OEM Front Disc brakes Test drive video and 100+ photos below OVERVIEW This Colorado Land Cruiser was originally...
  5. mattressking

    NOS 60-series Vacuum Modulator on eBay

    Interesting find on eBay. Price is high, but pretty cool nonetheless. 25870-61011 - Valve Assy - for Toyota No...I'm not Amanda
  6. John Young

    For Sale 2000 Green 100, Arlington VA, 175K miles, $9,969

    Here's the thing. I live in the Middle East and I visit my boys in Virginia as often as I can. I've been looking for a Model 100 for some time--I own a 2001 model 100 with a straight 6 in Dubai which I love as my daily driver. I thought I had found the perfect truck on Ebay that I could build...
  7. sigorama

    For Sale 1988 FJ62, Blue, All Original

    For sale on eBay through June 3rd, 2017 here OVERVIEW This Colorado Land Cruiser is a great daily driver in a hard to find blue color. It's an early FJ62 with an production date in late 1987, so it sports manual window cranks instead of the power windows. If you're looking for a clean, turn...
  8. N

    For Sale 1988 Toyota LandCruiser FJ62 4x4! Rare Blue; Only 134K Miles

    One of the cleanest, lowest miles (134k) Landcruisers out there. Rare blue paint. The below is how I purchased the vehicle in 2015: 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 in very nice condition. This 62 was originally a Houston vehicle that was garaged for many years and driven very little. It has...
  9. chappohj47

    Fj28 for sale Aus eBay

    1958 Toyota FJ28 Landcruiser | eBay
  10. lt1fire

    LED ebay tail light issue

    All of my tail lights on my new to me 100 were cracked so I got some of the ebay tail lights since the ones that were on my 80 were pretty good. They fit and look good, although i'm going to smoke the lenses a bit. Only iss is the tail gate lights don't come on when the lights are turned on...
  11. chappohj47

    Fj55 Aus eBay and ex fire fj45 troopy

    Any one interested this is on eBay looks like an import but the seller also has a fj45 troopy for sal ex fire 1979 Toyota Landcruiser Fire Truck Deluxe (4x4) Red Manual 4sp M Wagon | eBay
  12. brianh699

    ebay intake tube

    Just thought I'd share with anyone looking. On my last oil change I went to check my air filter and the intake tube broke into two pieces. I didn't have the $ for an OE tube and couldn't find much info on aftermarket ones. I pulled the trigger on this one and I'm quite pleased with the quality...
  13. White Stripe

    For Sale FJ25 ebay no affiliation 1960

    1960 Toyota Land Cruiser gray | eBay
  14. S

    eBay What am I missing?

    New to the forum and recently started researching 40s to possibly purchase. This one seems to good to be true, right? 1975 Toyota Land Cruiser 1975 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER FJ40 | eBay
  15. PAW

    eBay 89 FJ62 on Ebay

    I'm interested in this listing but guessing it never trades on eBay as its a dealer also listing on their site for $43K which is nuts and well out of reach. 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser | eBay Any way quick question, obviously new interior but was this ever even an interior upholstery combo...
  16. S

    1HZ power steering pump from ebay

    Hi all, was wondering if anyone has had any experience or know of anyone who has purchased/installed a power steering pump off of eBay? you can buy a brand new one for around the $180 mark, considering an over-hall kit with new shaft is around $120 i figure why not spend the extra $50 or so...
  17. D

    eBay HJ47 listing

    Hi gents, New to the forum so I apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong forum. I've been hunting for an HJ47 for some time now and happened upon this new listing on eBay: 1982 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ47 | eBay. I noticed the VIN was registered on this site a while ago. Does anyone know...
  18. Rustic76

    For Sale Nice HJ47 on eBay

    No affiliation, just passing this one on. Looks like a very nice troopy. 1982 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ47 | eBay
  19. D

    For Sale 1983 ebay not mine

    This thing looks amazing….. ! 1983 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60
  20. New2Cruiser

    For Sale 1982 BJ42LX in L.A. (Ebay)

    Anybody know this Cruiser? Seems nice...says all work done at Man-A-Fre. 1982 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ42 LX
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