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  1. categorytheory

    Tom Wood Drive Shaft Dimensions

    Hey All, I am looking to pick up a Tom Wood double cardan drive shaft post caster correction and j Springs lift. I am sitting at about 3+" on my 1996 LX450.... and want to get rid of the vibrations that come with not having a proper drive shaft set up at that height. IE this...
  2. DesertCruiser80

    92 Full Float Rear Axle Swap Sanity Check

    Hey guys, My '92 FJ80 is currently in the shop getting a FF rear along with other goodies. I thought I had researched it enough before dropping it off, but I thought of a couple of possible issues I'd like to be reassured on. First is the rear drive shaft. From my research, I thought the...
  3. H

    removing drive shaft to run on RWD

    hey everyone, I have been driving my 1999 lexus lx470 and dont need the 4x4, looked at several options to convert to 4wd but they're pretty costy except for removing the drive shaft. Just wanted to see if by removing the driveshaft ill bust the transfer case or rise other problems. Thanks
  4. C

    For Sale  FJ40 drive shaft rear

    $150 Nevada City CA USA Really nice rear drive shaft off my 1969 FJ40 (not running Toyota drive train anymore) Yokes included but I can't find the caps for the u joints 27.5" compressed 32"+ extended
  5. AaKnight

    Wanted  DC Front Drive Shaft for FZJ80

    Looking for a double cardon shaft to put in the front of my unlocked 95. if you got one you wanna sell, pm me.
  6. bulldog8934

    Builds  Chicago 80 Series Fix & Re-build

    Hi everyone! So I was inspired to create a thread that documented the blood, sweat, and tears that has gone (and will continue to go) into my 1995 FZJ80. There has been a lot already and hopefully, this will turn into tears of joy in the future! The backstory: Needed a truck that could haul...
  7. bulldog8934

    New Rig, need drive shaft and maybe more?

    So I purchased a 95 fzj80 mostly sight unseen but with a few guarantees from the PO that certain items were solid. Besides a few additional small things I noticed that didnt seem like a big deal while driving it around after shipping it to me, I found some big issues. The PO assured me that the...
  8. RickM

    For Sale  FJ60 Driveline in Charleston SC

    My plans to convert my fj62 to a manual have changed... So after sourcing everything needed for the conversion, I now need to sell them! Donor 60 had a rusted frame 1985 FJ60. Running/driving when pulled. Here is what I have and would prefer to sell as complete set; Engine- complete with carb...
  9. Bike n Board Cruiser

    Do I need a new drive shaft?

    Recently the old FJ62 had developed a drive line vibration. I got underneath and couldn't feel any play but then realized that in park everything was so bound up. I jacked up one side, chocked the wheels, put it in neutral and the pictures explain what I saw. Plenty of play. Glad to see this...
  10. mdsims

    For Sale  1971 FJ40 Driveshafts - NorCal USA

    Front and rear from a 1971 40. Rust free. No dents. Ends included. Heck, driveshaft bolts too. $120 plus shipping for the pair. Located in Modesto, CA
  11. 2001LC

    Front Drive Shaft (AKA CV’s) reboot, Help!

    Hey guys I’ve got a problem. I used a water based cleaning solvent someone gave me along with parts clean I purchase, to use after solvents' heavy cleaning. Well some of my matchmarks (axle and cage) washed off while cleaning parts. The parts just cleaned in petroleum based solvent still have...
  12. S

    Front drive shaft touches the sway bar after diff-drop kit

    Hi guys Sorry for my bad english. I'm living in the german speaking part of switzerland. So, i mounted a diff-drop kit at my 100 series. Now, when the car is lifted in the workshop, an the front wheels don't touch the floor, the sway bar touches the frontdrive shaft. You know the problem and...
  13. itsonlymethecat

    Wanted  Pto winch

    Looking for an Oem pto winch to fit an 84 bj42lv, will piece together if partial units are out there but will require the correct size driveshaft . Will require shipping to southern Ontario. Thanks
  14. renago

    PTO drive shaft

    Hi guys , I need some help ! I am trying to install a PTO winch on my HZJ 78 , but have some difficulties with the drive shaft . in detail on the center leg I have 2 blocks that fix the shaft to the chassis that must be replaced ,Part 37212, because worn out badly . But I am unable to tear apart...
  15. DoubleNickels

    Reinstalling Propeller Shafts - Advice?

    Wrapping up re-installation of my transmission and transfer case. Curious if I need to know anything special regarding the propeller shaft bolts during re-installation? I.e. any thread locking compound, torque specifics... Reading both the Hanes Manual and FSM, it just says to reinstall and hit...
  16. DoubleNickels

    For Sale  Boise: 1975 FJ55 Axles, Parts or Complete

    I recently parted ways with the body and frame of my parts car (1975 FJ55), and now have these complete axles left over. Willing to sell them complete or in pieces, just let me know what you're after. Uber-reasonable pricing. I'd prefer not to scrap them if people need parts! Buyer to pay...
  17. hamishpotter

    Local drive shaft balancing, work

    Hello All, I am having some rumblings that I suspect may be some drivshaft issues after CMCC. Can anyone recommend a good shop for balancing driveshafts in the tri-state? Thanks in advance, James
  18. lorenzo816

    For Sale  80 series parts: links, driveshaft, sway bar, gears

    All of this came off a 1996 + 1997 FZJ80 full set of upper and lower links in good shape $100 + shipping rear driveshaft joints are good $75 + shipping I have two rear sway bars $40 a piece + shipping stock rear 4.10 9.5" R+P from FF disc axle $100 + shipping BEST OFFER CONSIDERED!! All...
  19. Hawker25

    Wanted  FJ40 front driveshaft

    Need a fj40 front driveshaft or the flange and cv joint to go to the transfer case side. Would prefer just the cv and flange cause it could ship USPS priority pretty easy. Sent to zip 80232
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