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  1. orikawa

    NEW 60 Series Storage Options

    60 Series Replacement Door Panel Sets NOW IN STOCK at send a message if you have any questions ! or Instagram @orikawajdm 60 Series manual windows only, but 62 and more series coming ASAP. this is a COMPLETE solution to upgrade Audio, Worn out Door Cards, Inner...
  2. M

    GX470 '06 Passenger and rear passenger windows not working from driver panel

    I been workin on my car for quite some time now, and its like a whack-a-mole with problems. as soon as i fix something, another issue pops up! the latest issue is that I am unable to roll up or down my passenger and rear passenger windows from the driver's seat. Is it a coincidence that I took...
  3. L

    Wanted 100 series LX470 door panel needed (gray)

    Looking for a gray passenger rear interior door panel for my 2001 Lx470. If you have one for sale please contact me. If I don't respond quickly on here, feel free to text/call me at 706-676-7385. Thanks!
  4. LC64

    95 LC door panel removal

    Trying to remove my door panel/s to replace the window run channels and fix a couple screws loosened from wheeling. Does the window control panel slide forward then up for release? Don’t want to break anything underneath I can’t see. Tia
  5. Nathos

    For Sale Charleston, SC Door Panels

    Left (2) and Right (1) door panels from FJ40 in great condition. $70 each + shipping
  6. dbcknghm

    Parting Out 80 Series body & Misc parts

    Have all 6 door/tail gate panels largely complete from an 80 series Landcruiser...very little rust though all panels do not have factory paint on them..... larger flares on pass door, one door has the mirror - missing on the other but glass n motor w hinges n is door panels - no speakers ...
  7. Stahler61

    Wanted DOOR PANELS for Silver/Grey 87 FJ60

    I came into a very sweet deal on an 87 FJ60 with a need for some body love and interior work. Finding the door panels for this hog is definitely a challenge. If you've got 'em, I want 'em!
  8. zgarre

    For Sale Kenwood Speakers - fit FJ60 / FJ62 door panels

    I had these four speakers installed in the front panels of my FJ60 behind the factory speaker grilles, as well in holes cut into the two rear panels. Here is the model information: Front x2: Kenwood Performance Series KFC-1095PS Crutchfield Page Rear x2: Kenwood KFC-6995PS 6"x9" Performance...
  9. ihatecrashing

    Wanted FJ80 Window Switch Bezels

    Looking for brown bezels that fit around the window switches for all four doors in a '92 FJ80. Will pay shipping to Redding, Ca.
  10. Girl und Panzer

    Door panel hold down fix

    Has anyone made or found a solution for the disintegrating places in the door panel meant to hold the plastic clips? I've got several places where I can't get my panels to stick down because the panel won't hold the clips.
  11. landcrusher80

    How to repair BOARD SUB-ASSY DOOR TRIM

    What is the best way to fix the cracking panels?
  12. dogfishlake

    Wanted Oak right rear door panel 97 fzj80

    I'm looking for a right rear interior door trim panel in oak for my 97. I don't need the armrest portion but i'll take it if its what you have. I need one in very nice condition- no damage to dark vinyl on top and nice carpet on bottom. Mine caught something on the bottom and wadded the corner...
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