disc brakes

  1. F

    1973 FJ40 Frame Off with 1uz vvti and a650 Swap

    First I want to say to everyone Please be safe, I am 63 years old and am told by my wife constantly that I am 3rd child she never wanted. But also know my limitations and this Corona is no picnic in the Park. It is deadly and devastating. Please only come in contact with others when it is...
  2. SnowPlow75FJ40

    eBay  1975 FJ40 with Snow Plow - My FJ40 listing on ebay

    Loooooonnnng time lurker on ih8mud but new member. You all are a wealth of information. Electrical, Carburetor, Brakes, Front Hubs, Land Cruiser Body Styles, History, etc. THANK YOU all very much! You are greatly appreciated. Here is my ebay listing . . ...
  3. sdphill

    Time for disc brakes on my 40

    So my poor baby sprung a leak in the right front drum and after talking to Noah Baldwin I think I've decided to bite the bullet and take the opportunity to convert to discs all around. Spoke to Noah and he said converting to disc is a great way to go. Mines a 1969 fj40 so he mentioned it would...
  4. Smasher86

    Brake Parts or Conversion for FJ43

    I have 1982 FJ43, imported from Columbia, and want to convert the front wheels to disc brakes. The stock drums are leaking fluid and are in bad shape all around. Does anyone know where to get either (a) replacement parts for the drum brakes, or (b) conversion kit to disc brakes?
  5. S

    Bundera axle upgrade

    Hi Guys, just wondering, how hard would it be to fit axles from a leaf sprung troopie to a coil sprung Bundera? I'm interested in the disk brakes all round, stronger axles and free floating setup in the rear. Anyone done similar?
  6. S

    For Sale  FJ40 1978 entire rig and extras

    I am looking to sell my project fj40. I have a clean PA title and rig in my name. Included is everything in the pictures. I am really not really sure what to ask looking for offers since I am moving and have no where to take it make offers, If I have to post a price let me know. This is a...
  7. Scubadoc

    bj42 brake pads

    Anyone know the best/correct front disc brake pads for my Aussie 1982 BJ42lx? Are they the same for all 1982 Fj40s? The BJ42 doesn't come up on the search at the usual NAPA/autozone places. Should I get OEM from Beno? Or are there newer / better / cheaper replacement parts? Thanks.
  8. 78fj40mg

    Mike's 1978 FJ40 Build

    Build and Upgrades Links: Gear Reduction Starter for FJ40, FJ60 (NEW) First Impressions and Install My Power Steering Install Power steering install issues My Overhead Console Build Roof and windshield weather seals replacement Roof and windshield seals reference threads Remove Gear...
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