diesel conversion

  1. PurpleFJ62

    Builds Cummins R2.8 H151 Swap into 1993 FZJ80

    Hello Mud, I bet that title got your attention, I have been working on this swap for about 6 months at this point. To keep it brief, the goal was to design a system to allow the installation of the Cummins R2.8 crate engine into an FZJ80 Chassis that required absolutely no cutting or welding on...
  2. texfredbastiat

    FZJ80 V8 plus 5 spd conversion, with dual case?

    disclaimer - i have read dozens and dozens of threads on these topics, but still havent quite found the answer. thanks to Beno, 70's guy, toolsrus, tor, romer, and many more for lots of ideas, info and knowledge. BLUF: i am wanting to pursue a v8 conversion with 5 speed manual transmission, as...
  3. hayes167

    eBay 1991 Turbo Diesel 80 Prescott AZ asking $7500

    1991 Toyota Land Cruiser Turbo Diesel Intercooler Mechanic special – runs fair (smoking lightly – whitish blue, turbo needs to be rebuilt), needs some electrical work (parasitic draw), engine tuning, no AC system (I have a condenser), castor correctors need to be installed, shifting is a bit...
  4. island45

    For Sale '88 Cummins 6at , 120 hp inline six 3.4 turbo diesel

    Is on a run stand. Runs perfectly. Came out of a UPS truck. These are a direct replacement for a chevy six. They have been successful in cruisers. Parts available fom cummins. Were built originally for onan generators, but cummins built the automotive version primaily fo fleet service in the...
  5. Mudder92

    Diesel Power Conversion

    Hello all. I'm a diehard Land Cruiser lover. I'm currently in the process of purchasing my 6th LC. It's a 1996 4.5l. Factory lockers and in very nice condition. It has about 290k miles on it and has no real problems. My question or more maybe a goal of mine is to convert it over to a diesel...
  6. C

    For Sale Isuzu 4BD1+2T to Toyota A440 Adapter

    Adapter and low profile bolts to adapt A440 transmission to Isuzu bell housing $300.+USPS I have a 3 degree for some extra clearance or a straight up.
  7. SilverSixty

    Are all the diesel air boxes the same (3b, 2h, 12ht, 1hz, 1hdt)? Dimensions?

    Hello, I am doing a diesel conversion on my FJ60 to a Isuzu 4bd1t with Holset He221w turbo. I am looking for an air intake to use on my setup. I was wondering if all the diesel air intake boxes are the same dimensions ect or if i need to watch for a certain one. Can the lids be pointed in...
  8. BiffS

    For Sale Low mileage (currently installed) running 1PZ-T

    So, i have two trucks both with perfectly good running engines. #1: 1PZ Diesel, turboed about 6 years ago, rarely gets driven. EGTs always kept below 1000. Just had the valves adjusted and fuel pump tweaked. about 160K KILOMETERS on it (100K miles), - 1991 1PZ, 3.48L - 5 Cyl diesel - New...
  9. M

    OM606 diesel conversion FJ62 CAtuned off-road

    We found this 1988 Toyota FJ62 on Craigslist located in Chico California. It already had a 5 speed swap done. We had an idea to swap something it there that would be more reliable with some increase in power and torque and lighter in weight. Thoughts of Chevy LS power came to mind. We love...
  10. augirthedude

    Diesel conversion from 2F to 1HZ

    Making the change to diesel by installing a 1HZ with a H55 trans into my 86 FJ60. Any one out that has done this conversion... any advice or suggestions are welcome.
  11. FS85

    Diesel Conversion Cummins 4BT

    Hello folks I am new to this forum and to the FJ80 world, just bought a 1993 FJ80 with a 4BT Cummins and a 700R4 trans, never owned anFJ80, but owned several Ford 6.0 diesels.... this is a new world for me. I need to do interior TLC and some small motor work, running decent have put about 300...
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