1. Rural Geek

    DixieLand Cruisers - Member Map

    So I thought it might be helpful to know "roughly" where everyone was located to maybe help in others meet up, fix things, borrow tools, etc.. I've started a map in Google Maps that I can add members to by username and drop a pin on their zip code (or wherever you like). The benefit to using...
  2. dffj6288

    Sad day...ex gf keyed my cruisers paint to death.

    Just wanted some advice. Came home to my cruiser having 3 foot long deeeep key marks in it. pics below. The rear hatch and tailgate are already faded and peeling but the rest of the panels were pretty straight bright blue original. At this point after I get some restitution money from the courts...
  3. Crusha

    Keystone Cruisers Next Monthly Run is May 13th

    We're going to Anthracite! :steer: I think I'll have my '93 back on the road by then...hopefully.
  4. 6

    chasing photos or build threads of 60 series cruisers with paint code 8b4 thanks from Aussie

    so it's been years since Iv posted on here but I'm after photos or threads of 60s with 8b4 paint code for ideas on my next build (hj60) all the way from Australia thanks
  5. AJAEbj42

    Coastal Cruisers Monthly Meeting, April 13, 8pm!

    Just heard from Steve that he is heading out of town for the long weekend (last minute decision), so the shop will NOT BE OPEN Thursday for our meeting. If someone can come up with an alternative meeting space, then we can still meet for the raffle, but I won't be in until late myself as I am...
  6. stock

    Keystone Cruisers Facebook page

    I just found out someone on here started a Facebook page for us. Who? Anyway, it's and easy way to dump photos and videos and does not require server space on your or Mud's servers. I put some pictures and video of the last ride there. Log into Facebook | Facebook
  7. 80 Sack

    406 Cruisers Hosts a Big and a Little

    Greetings 406 Cruisers! For the last 8 months or so, I've been working with a local non-profit in hopes of hosting a trail ride to kids that may not have the opportunity to go and play the way that we do. I'm happy to announce that the local Big Brothers and Big Sisters has accepted our...
  8. kevinfoutch

    Cruisers & Coffee - Denver BassPro Apr 8th

    For everyone in the Denver area on Apr 8th, come up/down/over to BassPro around 10 AM for a meet & greet of other Mudders. We'll meet in the parking lot of BassPro (link below) to share tips & tricks, plan future upgrades, and seek inspiration for things you didn't know you needed. Saturday...
  9. T

    For Sale  2- 1991 Land cruisers $5500

    I have 2 91 land cruisers for sale. They are both not running at the moment. One has a possible blown head gasket, while the other just needs some little fixes to get it running. It was a project to use parts to get one running and do an engine swap in the other. I just had a child and Im out of...
  10. Bryanseye

    Kids and Cruisers

    I try to keep my kids from being pavement bound and a capable vehicle is a great way to get to more wild places. They are still too spazy for my liking to make good maintenance assistants but are getting better. I have to make up other tasks for them to become more involved and this weekend we...
  11. Silveredition

    Photos of my past and present 'Cruisers..

    G'day all It has been a slow day, So i set about finding some photos of my previous 'Cruisers... Here they are - beginning with my very first 60. It was a 1982 (I think) Fj60 with a 2F (once again - I think). It had 122000k's on it and was a one owner. I made a bull bar for it, and put on 10.5...
  12. Box Rocket

    4xOverlandUSA/Redline Land Cruisers Southwest Adventure

    This is also posted in the Trails/Event section but I know not everyone goes there regularly. Hi everyone, I'm helping to put a small "event" together with (this is the new US branch of 4xOverland Australia which is run by Darren McRae @AutoCraft Aus ) and Redlne Land...
  13. Box Rocket

    4xOverlandUSA/Redline Land Cruisers Southwest Adventure 2017

    Hi everyone, I'm helping to put a small "event" together with (this is the new US branch of 4xOverland Australia which is run by Darren McRae @AutoCraft Aus ) and Redlne Land Cruisers. @RLMS We're planning a 4 day "overland" style adventure in Southern Utah and Northern...
  14. K

    For Sale  La Aduana: Two 1989 Bandeirante FJ45 Land Cruisers

    For those who don't frequent ExPo... La Aduana: Two 1989 Bandeirante FJ45 Land Cruisers
  15. P

    New to the world of Land Cruisers with my 1975 FJ55

    I recently purchased this from some friends whose son parked it when he went to college and never looked back. I'm looking to turn it into my hunting and camping rig so as not to tear up my daily driver and give me a great post-divorce project. I had a 1985 Jeep CJ-7 back in high school/college...
  16. JToobe

    ****Upstate Cruisers Spring Gathering Sat March 25th*****

    We may be able to have access to a local camp property thru a contact I have that one day hopes to have a Land Cruiser. It is located close to the intersection of Hwy 11 with Hwy 25. Was thinking that we could plan a day of events: 1. Trash pickup in the morning 2. A local area ride (Saluda...
  17. fjdemon

    School me on FJ Cruisers please

    Contemplating selling a couple cars and getting an FJ Cruiser as daily driver. I've read tons of reviews, but I want mud knowledge. What are pros and cons? How is reliability? What should I avoid or look out for? Any major issues I should know about? Thanks!
  18. W

    2 Questions about 2016/2017 Cruisers

    Hi All: I'm thinking seriously about picking up a new Landcruiser. Years ago, my family had an FJ 60 and I have lots of great memories with my Dad as we ran around Colorado in it. But, I had a couple of questions about the newest generation of Cruisers that weren't cleared up on my test drive...
  19. B

    Energy Suspension items for Land Cruisers

    Here's a link to the Energy suspension for those who are looking: Energy Suspension Parts: 80 Series, toyota landcruiser series 80 1991
  20. Stoshu

    Educate me on FJ Cruisers

    Gents, My daughter is getting her license this year and she is hell bent on getting an FJ Cruiser for her first car. Her Mother and I are trying to persuade her into a more reasonable ride, such as a Corolla or Camry. She'll have no part of it. At any rate, I've looked through some ads and...
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